Welcome back to Term 3

Welcome back to Term 3

Term 3 begins, plus learning and activities from around the campus in Term 2

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A Busy Term 3 Underway!

While I acknowledge that many families continued to be impacted by COVID during the term break, I hope that everyone was able to enjoy a time of rest at some point. 

Over the next few weeks, the High School will begin planning for 2023. In the first half of this term, part of this planning will involve our Year 8 to 11 students going through the process of choosing subjects and courses for next year. It’s an exciting opportunity for our students to think more about their future, and how their current choices connect with their lives post-school. Our Year 8s are also prompted to develop awareness around their strengths, skills and passions. They are encouraged to increase ownership of their learning, through Learning Conversations with their Community Teachers and parents/caregivers.

The Premiership QuarterAround the Campus Term

Our Year 12s are coming up to the business end of the year. In Aussie Rules, we might term it “The Premiership Quarter”, as it is their effort in this term that will set them up well for their final assessments. To all of our Year 12s, I encourage you to maintain your diligence right to the end. There are just over three months left of school for you – use it well. We are all praying for you!

COVID Challenges

We all continue to press on, in the midst of COVID-19 challenges. I know that our staff have been working incredibly hard to ensure the learning of our students continues as seamlessly as possible. We are very grateful for our Temporary Relief Teachers, and our existing staff, who have gone above and beyond to maintain our learning program through some difficult times.

As we move into this busy term, we continue to value the partnership that we have with our Cedar families, and look forward to continuing to work together throughout Term 3.


Mr Andrew Lock, Head of High School