Energetic Designs

Energetic Designs

Middle School SPARK students take on STEM challenge to design a new Energy Bar.

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Energetic Designs

In Term 3, the Middle School SPARK students are undertaking a STEM project which requires them to design an Energy Bar.

Students have been given a range of parameters for their designs and are required to produce a bar with strict nutritional values. They have started the unit by researching the needs of the human body with regards to fat, sugar, carbohydrates and protein, and then began researching current products on the market.

Formula for Success

This week, with Mrs Sweet, students participated in a calorimetry practical to understand how the calories in our food are calculated. Then, using this information, students have used a series of formulas to help them calculate the number of calories present in their designs to ensure they remain within the confines of the design brief. Using this data, students will design their own recipes and then create their own product packaging to complement their finished products.


Mrs Danielle Cioffi, High School SPARK Co-ordinator