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Helping Teens at Cedar College

A priority of Cedar College is to give support to our students and families through all aspects of life, particularly when children enter their teens.

We value the opportunity to help students develop themselves and take very seriously our commitment display love through this.

This page has be created as a useful resource for our parents and school community, as we partner in educating the students of the College and preparing them for real life.

At Cedar we are blessed with the Cedar Care team who provide pastoral support for our students. They also liaise closely with families and staff at the College, as well as external agencies when appropriate, to provide holistic and Christ-centered care.

To make an appointment or enquiry with a Cedar Care staff member please call the High School Office on 7221 3605. 

Where to go, for help with specific issues

The diagram below outlines the steps that parents/caregivers should follow, when seeking help with a specific issue.