Primary School students

One School, Four Branches

Cedar College comprises four ‘branches’ – Junior Primary (Reception to Year 2), Upper Primary (Year 3 to Year 6), Middle School (Year 7 to Year 9), and Senior School (Year 10 to Year 12).

These departments allow students to develop academically and socially at an appropriate level, while providing an academic facility that offers a complete education from Reception through to Year 12.


Junior Primary (Reception to Year 2)

Our early years classrooms (R-2) draw inspiration from the Reggio Emilia educational approach, which highlights children’s exploration of their environment as competent and curious individuals, and the shared learning that can occur between students, teachers, families, and the wider community. 


Upper Primary (Year 3 to Year 6)

The Upper Primary continues to approach learning through a collaborative approach, designed to stimulate the discoveries of learning. The Primary School follows the approved Australian curriculum, and students are exposed to a variety of subjects covering all key learning areas.


Middle School (Year 7 to Year 9)

The Middle School is designed to meet the changing needs of the teenage student, and strives to ensure learning is relevant, meaningful and enjoyable. This style of learning seeks to prepare Year 7 to 9 students for their all-important senior years of schooling.


Senior School (Year 10 – Year 12)

The Senior School offers a careers programme which assists in identifying the future pathways of each student. A broad based curriculum provides the opportunity for these young adults to pursue their aspirations and long-term goals while developing their God-given potential. The continuation of character development, in conjunction with the pursuit of academic excellence, prepares these senior students for the future.