University Headstart

University Headstart

Year 12 students receive High Distinctions for Headstart University extension programs.

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University Headstart

Cedar College is very excited to be partnering with South Australia’s three major universities this year to offer some selected Year 12 students the chance to begin their tertiary studies while finishing Year 12.

As a part of our SPARK program offerings in the Senior School, students who have already completed a Year 12 subject in Year 11 through subject-acceleration were supported in applying for university extension programs for high-achieving school students.

We were very pleased that in our first year of applying, all five of our prospective students were accepted into their respective programs. Leo, Ethan and Arantza were all accepted into Adelaide University’s HeadStart Program and are currently studying a variety of topics across their Humanities faculty. Kate was accepted in Flinders University’s Extension Studies Program and is undertaking first year Mathematics, and Sarah is one of the first-ever High School students admitted to UniSA’s brand-new Business School program that has just opened in 2022.

High Distinctions

In a demonstration of their hard work and dedication to their learning, each of our students achieved outstanding results in Semester 1, with all students achieving High Distinctions (HD) for their university studies. We are incredibly proud of our pioneering students, and we look forward to continuing these programs with our Year 12s into the future.


Mrs Danielle Cioffi, High School SPARK Co-ordinator