Intensive Learning

Intensive Learning

Year 11s experience an Intensive Care Unit, for prevention against trauma in youth.

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Intensive Learning

Cedar’s Year 11 Health and Wellbeing students participated in the P.A.R.T.Y. program (Prevention Against Risk related Trauma in Youth) at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, during Week 6.

The students were involved in a whole day of presentations and activities. The day started with information from an Intensive Care Unit nurse and a paramedic. Students role-played a real-life scenario of a 19-year-old male car crash victim. A few students had the opportunity to try to resuscitate ‘Rob’ in a simulation room with specialised equipment. Unfortunately, ‘Rob’ didn’t make it, which allowed the hospital’s organ donor department to share their important presentation. In the event that ‘Rob’ was able to be resuscitated, students could participate in a few rehabilitation activities lead by four physiotherapists.

Lasting Impact 

The day concluded with a trauma survivor sharing about his injuries and his loss. It was an impactful excursion, and our students were respectful and engaged. Each student also received a gift bag from AAMI containing their very own First Aid Kit.

Feedback from some of our students, to the question “What do you consider the most important thing you learnt today?” was as follows:

“I learnt that you can choose your risk but not your consequence.”

“Hearing consequences of risky activities from the trauma survivor presentation.”

“To stop peers from being in bad situations.”

“Don’t be afraid to speak up!”


Mrs Melissa Rogers, Year 11 Health and Wellbeing Teacher