Rijken Cup 2024

Rijken Cup 2024

Senior School athletes participate in a week of netball, volleyball, table-tennis, soccer, basketball, and football.

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Rijken Cup 2024

Throughout Week 4, Cedar’s top Senior School athletes participated in netball, volleyball, table-tennis, soccer, basketball, and touch football, competing in the third annual Rijken Cup.

This year, Cedar College was well-represented at the Rijken Cup, and although we didn’t get all the wins we wanted, we can still celebrate an exciting time of unity and passion.

On behalf of Cedar’s Rijken leadership, we are proud of the way each team member conducted themselves both on and off the court/field, displaying sportsmanship and encouragement to one another through the wins and the losses. It was both an honour and privilege to be a part of such a positive and supportive group, who all took part in creating an enjoyable week for everyone.

Plenty of Highlights

A highlight of my week (Eric, boys’ captain) was taking out the netball grand final as the underdogs of the tournament. As a team, we played against multiple state basketball players, as well as a handful of Division 1 players, that stacked the odds against us, however through team chemistry and flawless coaching from Mrs Robinson, we were able to beat every team that stood against us.

There were so many highlights for me (Caity, girls’ captain) but making the soccer and netball grand final was a standout. Bella kicking a goal from the corner was elite, and all the hard work at netball training with Mrs Shaw paid off. Spending time with the team, bonding over funny moments and reliving memories from 2023 and 2024 made the week really special.

We would like to give a big thanks to Mrs Robinson for all the hard-work she commits to the team behind the scenes. Cedar College is truly blessed to have such a caring teacher, and she deserves all the appreciation we can give – thank you Mrs Robinson.

Overall, Rijken Cup 2024 was a success in heart, and we are excited to pass the torch on to the next Year 12 cohort and would like to encourage the next Year 11s to participate in this worth-while week.

Eric and Caity, 2024 Rijken Cup Captains