Term 4 Week 3 - 2023

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Cedar Cup - Celebrating Community

Friday, October 20, marked a day that will be etched in the memories of many High School students and staff.

After a year of relentless dedication, teamwork, and clever strategies, the announcement of the Cedar Cup winners had everyone on the edge of their seats.

What makes the Cedar Cup competition truly exceptional is its ability to recognise every student’s contributions within the High School community. Whether it’s through major event days, acts of service, displays of character, athletic prowess, academic achievements, or the world of Creative Arts, each student is able to contribute points for their House.

NewsletterThe winning team is determined after weighing the scores across all categories. At the end of Term 3, the Big Day In event injected a substantial dose of points into the overall tally. This boosted Jackson’s hopes of a back-to-back win, given that Bradman had won Sports Day in Term 1. Nevertheless, the other contributing areas were so diverse that it felt as though any team could emerge as the Cedar Cup victors.

I’d like to thank Mrs De Cristofaro and Mr Maddern, who presided over the thrilling announcement ceremony this year. They also had the honour of introducing our new Year 12 Prefects and House Captains, who are now entrusted with guiding our student body until this time next year. The outgoing Year 12 Student Leaders shared the results from all six categories, and when the winning team was unveiled, it was met with flashing lights and a thunderous applause, congratulations Bradman. 

The final results were: Bradman 580 points, Jackson 540 points, Laver 420 points, Gould 370 points.

Flying the Flag

Congratulations to Bradman for their monumental teamwork, with special recognition for Captains Maddison Duns and Jess Shinto, as well as House Key Teacher, Mr Tom Giles. Bradman’s impressive turnaround from the previous year has been nothing short of awe-inspiring, and it’s safe to say that Mr Giles has been smiling since Week 1!

Since the thrilling announcement, the High School has proudly hoisted the green Bradman flag, which is set to soar for the next 12 months, while the Front Office now radiates a green glow of Bradman success!

We’re looking forward to another year of incredible achievements, unity, and spirited competition in the High School community!

Mr Andrew Lock, Head of High School

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