Term 3 Week 5 - 2022

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Term 3, Week 5


Seasonal Adjustments

We’re at the halfway point of Term 3 already, and the end of Winter is in sight!

The rain and cold weather has certainly added to the challenges of excursions, camps and daily school life. It’s not long, however, before the tell-tale signs of the next season appear, and we soon adjust to the new conditions.

It’s a bit like the adjustments we’ve all made during COVID. Things seem strange and uncomfortable at first, but we make the necessary changes knowing that we’ll eventually come out the other side. And while it certainly has taken longer than expected, it feels like we’re slowly emerging back to normality as we ‘play to the conditions’.

Around the Campus

There’s certainly been a lot of activity going on throughout the school over the last few weeks! In this issue of CedarNews, our Director of Middle School Student Development discusses the benefits of student-led learning, we look at hands-on learning in the Junior Primary, investigate Science Week in the High School, learn how our SPARK students are designing energy bars, check the results from some recent sports carnivals, and find out about fundraising for our Compassion Sponsor Children.


Mr Nigel Austin, Head of Primary School


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SPARK Science

Leading Learning

Students review their Critical Thinking, Citizenship, Collaboration and Creativity.

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Hands-on Learning

Typewriters, Snakes, Crocodiles and German Puppets – Primary learning comes alive!

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SPARK Science

Energetic Design

SPARK students search for a winning formula for nutritious energy bar creations.

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Science Week

Science & Technology

Students celebrate Science Week with a closer look at glass, habitats, and flame tests.

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The Front Page

Students Own Their Learning

Our world requires that learners can navigate uncertainty. Students who are aware of their capabilities and the next step of their learning trajectory will grow faster, learn more purposefully, and better integrate into life beyond school.

Week 5 News and Notices

Student Free Day – Term 3

Friday September 9 – Staff in-service day

Primary School Book Week

We’re excited to be able to hold our Book Week parade this year on Wednesday, August 31. This year’s Book Week theme is “Dreaming with eyes open…”. The theme encourages students to read, imagine, explore, and engage with books.

Students have the option of dressing up in two different ways: A character that dreams their story or follows their dreams, or a costume that simply celebrates a character from their favourite book. They are encouraged to design and create costumes that are fun, enthusiastic, clever and colourful, in collaboration with their parents, and if possible, bring the book or a picture from the book with them on the day.

We will be holding separate Upper and Junior Primary Parades this year, to allow parents/caregivers to attend and enjoy.

Wednesday August 31 – Book Week Parade

Upper Primary Parade: starts 9:00am

Junior Primary Parade: starts 9:40am

Families with Upper Primary children are asked to leave the Auditorium after the first parade, to allow Junior Primary parents to attend. Those with children in both Junior and Upper Primary are welcome to stay for both parades.

Coffee will also be available for $2, from the Coffee Pod on the Gazebo Lawns.

Enrolment Update

We appreciate and value each family at Cedar College, but also understand that situations can change for various reasons. If you are relocating, and your child will not be attending Cedar College next year, we ask that you please let the Enrolment Office know by the end of Term 3 – thank you.

SATAC Applications & Pathways News

SATAC Applications for 2023 close on September 30, 2022. Please see the SATAC Information data sheet for further details.

For students who are interested in a career in the Defence Force, you can access the Virtual Open Day, which includes degree information sessions, interviews, Q&A sessions, plus more, by going to ADFA on Demand.

School Tours

Our next School Tours, for prospective parents, will take place in Week 7, on Tuesday September 6 and Wednesday September 7. Please be aware that the carpark may be busier on these mornings, due to the large number of visitors attending. Thank you.

Calendar Information


Term 3, 2022 – Tue 26 July – Fri 30 Sept

Term 4, 2022 – Tue 18 Oct – Wed 14 Dec

Term 1, 2023 – Tues 31 Jan – Fri 14 April

Term 2, 2023 – Tue 2 May – Fri 30 June

Three week break between Terms 2 and 3


Regular opening hours during term:

Monday 8:30am – 4:30pm

Wednesday 3pm – 5:30pm

Thursday extended opening hours:

TERM 2 – Weeks 1 – 4, 3pm – 5.30pm

TERM 4 – Weeks 1 – 3, 3pm – 5.30pm


Our Primary School Chapels and Assemblies are held on Fridays at 8:50am. 

Please note that currently our Chapels and Assemblies are not able to be attended by parents, due to restrictions.

Should guidelines for large gatherings change, parents/caregivers will be informed. Thank you for your understanding.

Primary School News

Changing Technology

This Term, the Junior Primary students have been comparing the use of older technology with the use of current technology.

Interestingly, the students gravitated towards the unfamiliar tactile technology over the new. They enjoyed dancing to music from a cassette tape, pretended to teach with an overhead projector, and celebrated solving how to view a movie on VHS cassette with a VCR!

Making Comparisons

The students also explored how people composed letters to one another using a dip pen with ink, and enjoyed the experience of typing with a mechanical typewriter. They then compared it to writing a letter with Microsoft Word on a laptop and printing it out on a printer. A couple of chunky laptops from the 90s were also on display, and students were interested to compare their size and features with those of a modern laptop.

While the students were making new discoveries, teachers were reminded of their own early years, and just how much technology has changed over time!


Mrs Anne Banh, Primary School Digital Technologies Teacher

Primary School News

Snakes Alive!

Some special visitors swam, crawled, and slithered around the Receptions this week, as the students investigated reptiles of all shapes and sizes!

The Reception students learnt the importance of sustaining native reptiles in our ecosystems and developed awareness and respect for these often misunderstood animals. The Radicool Reptiles visit was an exciting way to learn about and interact with Australian reptiles in a safe and respectful way. There was lots to learn about wildlife safety, conservation, and the environment of our natural world.

Reptiles Up-Close

There were plenty of animals to interact with, including crocodiles, a variety of lizards and dragons, freshwater turtles, goannas, and even pythons.

The Reception students were even brave enough to let the largest python slither across their legs, as he investigated the class, and enjoyed some time out of his enclosure. The students learnt so much through this hands-on experience, and were excited to share what they had seen, learnt and held, when they got home.

Primary School News

Celebrating German Week

As part of the inaugural Adelaide German Week, Cedar College was privileged to host the northern suburbs Primary School event on Friday August 12.

The Cedar Year 6 classes, along with two classes from King’s Baptist, were entertained by a bilingual puppet performance of Aschenputtel (Cinderella) by Carrousel Theatre (Melbourne). They also enjoyed a delicious morning tea of a pretzel and donut from the Lobethal bakery, and then took part in a highly contested quiz and games! It was great to see the students engaging in each of the activities and using their German language skills to introduce themselves to their quiz team mates. We also learnt some new games that students are keen to incorporate into their German lessons.

Language and Learning 

This was a great opportunity to extend the curriculum beyond the walls of the language classroom to allow students to experience and interact with German language and culture in more authentic situations. My sincere thanks to all who helped make this possible – including the SA German Teachers Association for providing active support as well as subsidising the event.

Here’s what some of our students enjoyed about the day:

“I liked the German incursion. The play helped me learn multiple new German words. The puppets were very realistic, and the monkey was quite funny. The morning tea was very yummy (especially the pretzel). I liked how we were given the time to introduce ourselves to our groups. I liked the heads and tails game even though my group lost.” – Chloe

“It was really good. I really liked the food and I would like to do it again. it was really good to work with other people.” – Kade

“I thought that the puppet show was very interesting, I could clearly tell what was going on in the story. I really enjoyed the quiz and I wanted to do some of the games in class.” – Oliver

“The play was my favourite. I thought that I would not be able to understand the play, but it was amazing. I loved the quiz because it was interactive and it was a good way to learn.” – Jemimah


Mrs Kylie Woithe, Primary School Languages Teacher

Sports News

Interschool Sports

With many interschool carnivals taking place this term, it’s exciting to see our Cedar teams training hard and competing well in their competitions.

District Athletics Champions

On August 3, students from Year 4-6 attended the annual North-Eastern District Athletics Carnival. Students were very keen to participate after the SACSA Athletics were cancelled earlier in the year.

Well done to all the students who took part, with many securing PB’s for their performances. After the day’s competition ended, Cedar was named District Champions once again. Thank you to all the parents who came to support and cheer on the students!

MVPs: Isabel W (1st 100, 200, & Relay), Tyler A (1st 1500m, 1st 800m, 2nd Long Jump, 2nd Relay

Vista Basketball

The Year 9/10 students attended the Vista Basketball Carnival at The Lights Community Centre on Friday of Week 3, with all three Cedar Teams playing in a Grand Final.

Three teams represented Cedar across Division 1 and 2. The Year 9/10 Girls’ team played incredibly well and were undefeated to finish on top of the Division 1 group. Being a round robin tournament, this meant they were the overall winners. Congratulations to MVP, Bella.

The Div 1 Year 9/10 boys were also undefeated as they headed into the Grand Final. Unfortunately, they went down by 4 points but played exceptionally throughout the day. Thank you to Mr Tom Giles, who coached the team to a high standard. Congratulations to Luca, MVP.

The Div 2 9/10 boys played their Grand Final against a team they had narrowly lost to in the minor round. While they played a strong game, the shots didn’t drop as easily and they missed out on a win. It was still an excellent effort by the side, coached by Mr Jake Battersby. Congratulations to MVP, Ruwain.

SACSA Basketball

Our Year 7/8 basketball teams headed out to the SACSA Carnival on August 4.

The Cedar Boys Gold team played an exceptional mental game, overcoming tough teams and winning all 9 games to be crowned champions on the day. Congratulations to Diego, MVP with a record-high 20 votes. Thank you to their coach, Mr Giles, for training and coaching the team.

The Cedar Girls Gold team played a strong defensive game and fought hard to place third in overtime. Congratulations to Erin, MVP with 16 votes.

The Cedar Silver Boys team had a tough pool but played well and followed great coaching from Mr Jake Battersby. They placed 10th overall out of the 16 teams. Congratulations to Liam, MVP with 11 votes.


Mrs Bek Robinson, Sports Co-ordinator Year 3–12

Middle School News

Energetic Designs

In Term 3, the Middle School SPARK students are undertaking a STEM project which requires them to design an Energy Bar.

Students have been given a range of parameters for their designs and are required to produce a bar with strict nutritional values. They have started the unit by researching the needs of the human body with regards to fat, sugar, carbohydrates and protein, and then began researching current products on the market.

Formula for Success

This week, with Mrs Sweet, students participated in a calorimetry practical to understand how the calories in our food are calculated. Then, using this information, students have used a series of formulas to help them calculate the number of calories present in their designs to ensure they remain within the confines of the design brief. Using this data, students will design their own recipes and then create their own product packaging to complement their finished products.


Mrs Danielle Cioffi, High School SPARK Co-ordinator

High School News

Science & Technology

National Science Week is Australia’s annual celebration of Science and Technology.

This year’s theme was “Glass – more than meets the eye”. Glass is said to be the most versatile material in the world, enabling the creation of new technology used in society today, such as smart phone touch-screen displays. To celebrate this amazing material, Middle School students explored several uses of glass, including scientific glassware and specialised science equipment such as microscopes and magnifying glasses. They also discovered how glass is used in the study of spectrometry and in the long-term preservation of insects.

Habitats and Adaptions

Ask any Year 7 student at Cedar College to give a definition of a habitat and they will all answer: “It is a place where an organism lives”.

In any habitat, food is limited and the types of food available can vary. Animals with the most helpful adaptations will be the most likely to live long enough to pass their genes on to the next generation. To prove this, the science students did a practical called the “Battle of the Beaks”.

This practical activity allowed students to explore the wide variety of beak types that can be seen within the bird population, as well as developing an understanding of how beak shape is related to the available food sources within a habitat.

Students simulated bird feeding by using a ‘beak’ to collect food and place it in a ‘stomach’. There were different beak shapes and a range of different food types to choose from. It provided discussion points to encourage evaluation of the scientific method, and also illustrated generalist versus specialist feeding strategies.


Mrs Kerri-Anne Sweet & Mr Herman du Preez, High School Science Teachers

Compassion News

Compassion Fundraisers

Cedar College sponsors five students through Compassion Australia. In the High School, the four students who live in Thailand are each sponsored by a Community House.

Sports-Attire Fundraiser

Students had fun last Thursday in the name of raising money for Cedar’s Compassion sponsor child Anupong, from Thailand. Bradman House, in the High School, ran a sports-themed casual clothes day specifically for Anupong, who lives in a Lahoo Hill Tribe in Central Thailand. Anupong is now 19 years old, and is currently learning to be a mechanic so that he can support his family, who occasionally have work as farmers.

Waffle Fundraiser

On Wednesday of Week 5, the High School enjoyed yummy waffles to raise money for Poom, who lives in Thailand. Sponsored by Jackson House, Poom has been one of Cedar’s Sponsor Children for many years. He lives in Phitsanulok in Central Thailand. Poom is now 11 years old and loves to play soccer for his school. In 2019, Cedar raised money for a new home for Poom when COVID made it impossible for his family to stay where they were. Poom, along with his brother and mum, are enjoying this new home which has helped to keep them safe during COVID.

If you are interested in learning more about our Compassion sponsor children, please contact Miss Kerry Spriggs in the High School. 


Miss Kerry Spriggs, Year 7 & Thailand Service Trip Co-ordinator