Growing Student Leaders

Growing Student Leaders

Students Leaders attend Future Well festival, with a focus on wellbeing.

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Student Leadership Wellbeing

Student Leadership plays an important part in the life of Cedar College, as students develop and stretch themselves through new opportunities and circumstances.

Our Student leaders are continually encouraged to grow and develop in their leadership capability and competence, in order to perform in their roles to the best of their ability. Throughout Semester 1, they have undertaken a series of 21st Century skill building workshops built around communication, collaboration, critical and creative thinking.

On June 23, the students were invited to attend the Future Well (Youth Wellbeing Festival) at The Lights Recreation Centre. Thoughout the day, students had the opportunity to network with over 500 like-minded student leaders from 27 South Australian private and public schools.

A Focus on Wellbeing

This event challenged the students to better consider their individual and collective wellbeing ‘template’. Students had the privilege of listening to internationally acclaimed and award-winning educational futurist, Louka Parry, who talked about ways school communities can better flourish in the wellness space. Matt Purcell, from “Social Kung Fu”, a verbal defence and confidence movement, was also a crowd favourite on the day. Mr Purcell equipped the students with the tools to defend themselves when they’re under pressure, and how to respond appropriately to gossip and slander.

With the embedded wellbeing expo challenges, live music, food, and dance, the day was thoroughly enjoyed by all! The key message was establishing a firm foundation for student wellbeing as a prerequisite for successful leadership, and students gained plenty of practical help and food for thought around the theme of wellbeing.


Mr Andrew Mooney, Year 8 and Student Leadership Co-ordinator