Election Down to the Wire

Election Down to the Wire

Federal Election sparks buzz as Year 6 students investigate democratic process.

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Election Results Down to the Wire

During Term 1, Last week, the Year 6 students saw the culmination of their political campaigning which had taken place over the previous two weeks.

The campaign process incorporated the official ‘press conference’ as well as construction of political posters, leading up to the preferential election that took place on Thursday morning. The students were all required to vote within their electorates, which were their House teams, after getting their names crossed off the certified list.

Every Vote Counts

Once everyone present had voted, we assembled to distribute the preferences in order to decide the winning candidates.  Each seat was hotly contested, going down to preferences to determine the winner. The Liberal party won the seat of Laver, while Labor won the seat of Bradman. Due to an invalid vote in the seat of Jackson, no single party came out with a majority victory. The seat of Gould recently received its final postal vote, and after distributing preferences, the seat went to the Greens party.

We were very impressed with the quality of the campaigning that took place this year, as students embraced their learning in collaborative and creative ways.


Miss Susan Dix and Mr Nathan Carson, Year 7 Teachers