Term 2 Week 7 - 2022

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Term 2, Week 7



Growing Community

We held our School Tours on two rather chilly mornings during Week 6. Despite the weather, the visiting families were excited to find out more about the High School and Primary School.

It is especially interesting to hear about the connections these visiting families have to our school community. Many have heard from friends and family about Cedar and are keen to visit the campus for themselves. Others have recently moved into the area and are looking to connect with their local community for the first time.

Second Generation

There is another small group of families that have recently been booking into our School Tours that is especially exciting – families of our Alumni. As our graduates from the early years begin families of their own, it is exciting to see them looking at Cedar College for their own children! Of course, a lot has changed since their High School days 10-15 years ago, and they love seeing the new facilities, as well as some of their old teachers!

We are always interested to hear what our graduates have been up to, and we’re working to develop our Alumni community in a range of areas. What a privilege it is to be an ongoing part of our graduates’ lives through a second generation of Cedar students, as our community continues to grow!


Around the Campus

In this issue of CedarNews we look at Displaying Love in the Junior Primary, check out the Fusion Lunch in High School, and tally the votes in the Year 6 “Federal Election”.


Mr Peter Thomson, Principal


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5 Life Skills

Five Life Skills which students in the Primary School are learning to Display Love to others.

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Year 6 election

Tight Election Results

Year 6 students investigate the complexities of the democratic process.

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Netball Carnival

After a huge day of Netball competition, Year 7s come out on top.

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Food & Hospitality

Fusion Delivers

Senior School Food & Hospitality students deliver Lunch with a twist.

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The Front Page

Five Life Skills to Display Love

At Cedar College, one way we seek to prepare students for real life, is by learning the importance of displaying love towards others.

One of the ways we encourage children to display love within our Junior Primary classes is by focusing on five key life skills. These life skills are: being helpful, being careful, being patient, being responsible and being respectful.

The children learn about each life skill and are then encouraged to put these skills into practice at school. We guide the children to demonstrate these life skills in practical ways, fostering a positive learning environment. This enables the nurturing of healthy relationships between peers.

It is wonderful to see the sense of achievement the children have, as they become aware of the life skills they are putting into practice in everyday situations at school. You may find the five life skills helpful for you and your family at home, too.

Displaying Love by…

Being Helpful – My words and actions help and not hurt others – “By helping each other, you truly obey God.” – Galatians 6:2

Being Careful – I treat friends and things in a gentle way – “Always be humble, gentle, and patient and accept each other in love.” – Ephesians 4:2

Being Patient – I can wait calmly for someone or something – “Always be willing to listen and slow to speak. Do not become angry easily.” – James 1:19

Being Responsible – I do the right thing and can be trusted to do what needs to be done – “In all the work you are doing, work the best you can. Work as if you were doing it for the Lord, not just for people.” – Colossians 3:23

Being Respectful – I treat others how I want to be treated – “Do to others what you want them to do to you.” – Matthew 7:12


In John 13:34-35, Jesus reminds us that displaying love to others is one of the most important things that we can do, as it reflects the amazing love that God has for us. And it’s something we can all do, every day!


Mrs Sharlene Tirimacco, Junior Primary Co-ordinator

Week 7 News and Notices

Student Free Day – Term 2

Friday June 17 – Staff in-service day. Students will not attend school on this day.

School Photo Day – Term 3

School Photo envelopes were sent home with students this week. Scheduled for Week 2 of Term 3 (Friday August 5), all students are required to wear full winter uniform on this day, including school jumpers and ties. There will also be the opportunity for students who are absent on this day to have their individual photo taken the following week, on Wednesday August 10. Sports team and extra curricular group photos will also be taken on Wednesday August 10. Further information will be sent home later this term.

Family Photos

If you have multiple children attending Cedar, you may also choose to have a family photo taken and order a separate family pack. To facilitate this, you will need to collect a separate Family Photo Envelope from the Front Office. You can then select the pack and quantity required, and pay separately for this. Family Photos will be taken BEFORE school on Photo Day, Friday August 5, from 8am-8:45am, in the Sports Centre.

Changes to Medication

Please be aware that any changes to a student’s medication, or medical updates regarding conditions, MUST be communicated through our Change of Medical Details form. This form is available from the Front Office or through Cedar Health.

Primary School Run4Fun

The Primary School Run4Fun will be held on the final day of Term 2, Friday July 1. The Run4Fun is a fun, healthy way to finish off the term, and encourages team spirit as well as the opportunity to raise funds for the Primary School play areas. Sponsorship can be made through the Qkr! app, or by bringing in sponsorship money in a sealed envelope, and all students raising $10 or more will qualify for a prize.

All Primary School students will take part in the run, and other fun activities on the day, and parents/caregivers are invited come and cheer on the students, or even run a few laps! Students need to wear their PE uniform, with their coloured House T-shirt.

COVID-19 Notifications

It is vitally important that parents/caregivers continue to keep children home if they are unwell or experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms. This also applies if a household member or close contact has COVID-19 and is required to quarantine.

Please continue to inform our Front Office as soon as possible, between 8:00am and 4:00pm, if your child returns a positive COVID-19 test, and immediately follow SA Health isolation requirements. We are then able to begin classroom contact tracing. 

Please continue to use the special email address: [email protected] to notify the Office of a positive test.

Winter Uniform

Full winter uniform, including ties, is now required for all students. It is also important to ensure that all uniform items are clearly marked, as this provides the best chance for any lost items to be returned.

Most uniform items, including winter uniform, are now available via the Qkr! app. Please first select a delivery method to ensure that your order is placed correctly, and you will be notified when the order has been fulfilled.

Calendar Information


Term 2, 2022 – Tue 3 May – Fri 1 July

Three week break between Terms 2 and 3

Term 3, 2022 – Tue 26 July – Fri 30 Sept

Term 4, 2022 – Tue 18 Oct – Wed 14 Dec

Term 1, 2023 – Tues 31 Jan – Fri 14 April


Regular opening hours during term:

Monday 8:30am – 4:30pm

Wednesday 3pm – 5:30pm

Thursday extended opening hours:

TERM 2 – Weeks 1 – 4, 3pm – 5.30pm

TERM 4 – Weeks 1 – 3, 3pm – 5.30pm


Our Primary School Chapels and Assemblies are held on Fridays at 8:50am. 

Please note that currently our Chapels and Assemblies are not able to be attended by parents, due to restrictions.

Should guidelines for large gatherings change, parents/caregivers will be informed. Thank you for your understanding.

Primary School News

Election Results Down to the Wire

The recent buzz around the Federal Election coincided with the Year 6 students investigating the democratic process, during their Civics and Citizenship unit.

Last week, the Year 6 students saw the culmination of their political campaigning which had taken place over the previous two weeks.

The campaign process incorporated the official ‘press conference’ as well as construction of political posters, leading up to the preferential election that took place on Thursday morning. The students were all required to vote within their electorates, which were their House teams, after getting their names crossed off the certified list.

Every Vote Counts

Once everyone present had voted, we assembled to distribute the preferences in order to decide the winning candidates.  Each seat was hotly contested, going down to preferences to determine the winner. The Liberal party won the seat of Laver, while Labor won the seat of Bradman. Due to an invalid vote in the seat of Jackson, no single party came out with a majority victory. The seat of Gould recently received its final postal vote, and after distributing preferences, the seat went to the Greens party.

We were very impressed with the quality of the campaigning that took place this year, as students embraced their learning in collaborative and creative ways.


Miss Susan Dix and Mr Nathan Carson, Year 7 Teachers

Sports News

Netball Carnival

On the first day of winter, we were very grateful that the Lord provided pleasant weather to make the Year 7/8 & 9/10 Girls Vista Netball Carnival possible!

It was a huge day of competition with over 55 teams across the North, North East and West zones competing. There were 45 students from Years 7-10 representing Cedar on the day, across five teams. These students all played with heart and determination, and we look forward to developing many of them further as we prepare for SACSA Netball in Term 3.

Congratulations to the Year 7 team who finished top of their division, undefeated all day, as they continue their winning streak since 2019.

All the Results

Year 7/8 Cedar White – 1st, MVP Sophie D. Coach Mrs Robinson.

Year 7/8 Cedar Yellow – 3rd, MVP Erin M. Coach Miss Spriggs.

Year 7/8 Cedar Black – 5th, MVP Kelsey J. Year 11 Student Coaches Steph W and Faith L.

Year 9/10 Cedar Red – 3rd, Duel MVP Emma D & Charlotte B, Coach Mr du Preez.

Year 9/10  Cedar Green – 3rd, MVP Alexia L. Coach Mrs Shaw.

Thank you to all the parents that attended to help score and support the students. Thank you also to the students for your commitment to training and your excellent attitudes on the day, even in challenging circumstances. You are so appreciated.


Mrs Bek Robinson, Sports Co-ordinator Year 3–12

High School News

Fusion - Great Food, Delivered

Senior School students undertaking Food & Hospitality have the opportunity to be involved in [email protected], catering for a number of events throughout the year.

This restaurant catering experience includes planning, designing, prepping, cooking and serving a separate lunch and dinner event during the year.

The Year 12 Food & Hospitality students were tasked with the challenge of creating iconic South Australian inspired dishes to serve to 30 staff members they believe have encouraged and supported them during their final year of schooling.

Iconic Dishes

The eight Year 12 students were supported by the Year 11 Food & Hospitality students, who delivered the finished meals in take-away style to the staff.

Students created the iconic dishes with a twist, including a savoury frog cake, meat pie nachos, and sausage rolls. The staff also loved the violet crumble cheesecake, iced coffee lamingtons, mint slice and apricot slice. In Food & Hospitality, we believe food is one of the best ways to display love!


Mrs Laura Stanley, Food & Hospitality Teacher