Prefects Lead the Way

Prefects Lead the Way

Primary School Prefects lead the way toward positive changes

Positive Changes Ahead

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Prefects Lead the Way

In March, I had the privilege of taking our Year 6 Prefects to the Adelaide Entertainment Centre for the GRIP (Generosity, Responsibility, Integrity, People) Leadership conference.

Upper Primary Co-ordinator

The GRIP conference was a fantastic event, filled with entertaining speakers and many great ideas for student leadership within a primary school. During our lunch break, we chatted about what we had enjoyed from the conference so far. I asked the students if anything stood out to them, and almost unanimously they said with excitement, “The Toilet Project!”

So at that moment, The Toilet Project was born.

The prefects started sharing with me some of the elements of our toilet block that they didn’t like and why they thought it was essential to invest in that space. Once we started, the ideas just kept coming. We talked about it all the way back to school.

The Toilet Project

The prefects have diligently attended meetings in their lunchtimes each Thursday, to work collaboratively towards a common goal: to make our Primary School toilets a more comfortable, happy and brighter space. They then created a compelling PowerPoint presentation and requested a meeting with Mr Thomson and Mr Thorpe. The ‘Prefect Team’ had come up with some creative and clever ideas, including: a fresh coat of paint with a new colour scheme for the doors, new locks and toilet paper dispensers, automatic taps to save water, air freshener, steps for the little ones, and posters of uplifting sayings and Bible verses to encourage others. The next day, Mr Thomson invited us back for another meeting and gave us the good news that the proposal had been approved!

Displaying Love

The Year 6 Prefects have also spent many lunch times organising Crazy Hair Day, which took place on Thursday the 10th of June.

Through the fundraiser, we were able to raise $860, which will be donated to Backpacks 4 SA Kids. Backpacks 4 SA Kids is a non-profit organisation that prepares backpacks to give to children who have to leave home with little or no notice. The money that is donated is spent on purchasing a range of essential items for kids in need. The backpacks are packed with items such as toys, books, DVDs, colouring books, toiletries, clothes and pyjamas, by a group of volunteers. They are then stored in readiness for children who need them – around 3,000 every year.

Thank you to all of our Cedar community who supported the Crazy Hair Day fundraiser, and made a difference in the lives of South Australian children.

Mrs Melody Birch, Upper Primary Co-ordinator