Super-fun Run4Fun

Super-fun Run4Fun

Primary School ends Term 2 with a colourful Run4Fun

Colourful end to Term 2

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Super-fun Run4Fun

On the last day of Term 2 the wind and rain came in force, but that didn’t stop the Primary School from moving into the Sports Centre to hold their annual Run4Fun – and having a blast! 

Teams chanted, students ran, goals were scored, half court shots made, and cheers echoed throughout the Sports Centre as the four teams battled it out to find who would be the 2021 champions.

It was an incredibly fun day, filled with not only running, but a range of other events that tested the skills and abilities of the Primary School students. The introduction of Art Attack enabled the creative students to unleash their talents and create some fantastic team banners. 

Laver’s Day

The morning was divided in two sessions, with the Junior Primary taking to the course first up, followed by the Upper Primary’s turn on the track after recess.

At the end of the morning, it was an incredibly close result, but Laver came out on top, closely followed by Jackson, Bradman and Gould. 

Thank you to all the teachers for being so flexible with the location changes, and to Miss Spriggs for co-ordinating the Year 7s, who helped throughout the morning. 

Thank you to those who have submitted sponsorship donations, which will go toward some great prizes, and also raise money for the Primary School play areas. 

Mrs Bek Robinson, Primary Interschool PE and Interschool Co-ordinator