Serving as Student Leaders

Serving as Student Leaders

Student Leaders learn the importance of serving

Becoming a servant-like leader

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Leaders who Serve

In the book of Mark, chapter 20, verses 43-45, Jesus talks about one of the key qualities of a good leader. He calls leaders to be servant-like, not to act in a way which demands people serve you, but instead to serve others.

Senior School Coordinator

In today’s world where we are encouraged to focus on self and individual success, the concept of servant leadership is often overlooked or forgotten. How unfortunate this is, given the positive impact servant leadership has on policy, culture and individual lives. It is imperative, as we train and teach the leaders of tomorrow, that we instil the principle of servant leadership in them.

Each year, as a new group of students step into student leadership roles, we spend time teaching them the importance of servant-hearted leadership and providing them with opportunities to outwork this in practical ways. This year is no exception, as all of our student leaders actively serve their school community.

Serving Faithfully

Our house captains worked tirelessly in preparation for Sports Day by selling badges to raise money, supporting their peers, preparing for events, following up questions from house teammates and much more. Many of them went on to support staff in the Primary School Sports Day, as well as organising and running House events.

Our various prefects have also faithfully served our community in their various capacities. The sports captains have continued throughout the semester to support their peers in training and preparation for competitions, working with Mr Fernihough and attending training and events. They too played a big part in the success of Sports Day.

Our Faith and Fellowship Prefects have faithfully served the school, supporting Pastor Jeremy with the preparation and running of Chapel and prayer groups, as well as preparing and planning for next term’s Not Ashamed of the Gospel workshop. Our Cultural Arts Captains have worked behind the scenes with members of the Creative Arts department, preparing props and helping in the Drama department.

Supporting Others

This year’s head prefects have mentored and supported students from all grades, supported the other student leaders in their roles, participated in School Tours, and are organising an upcoming fundraiser. All of this whilst balancing their schoolwork, work, sporting and church commitments.

What a privilege it is to be part of the journey our student leaders are on. Seeing them learn and grow, as they work through their own ideas and understanding of what it means to be a servant leader. I look forward with great anticipation to see where God leads them in the coming years. With such servant hearts I know they will do great things.

Mrs Nichole Tiller, Senior School Co-ordinator