Term 2 Week 8 - 2021

Term 2, Week 8



Creative Collaboration

It’s exciting to see the growing number of projects taking place around our college, that are the direct result of student creativity and collaboration.

The Upper Primary playground was an idea that began several years ago, as we talked about play areas with our students in Year 3–6. Of course, ideas take time, money and a great deal of work and practical planning to come to fruition. The recent shade coverings are just one part of the puzzle that has come together to make this idea a reality. Creativity, innovation and collaboration have become an increasing focus in education, and it is encouraging to see this take place both inside and outside the classroom.

Around the Campus

This year, we have seen further ideas put forward by our Primary School Prefects that have resulted in last week’s Crazy Hair Day, raising money for Backpacks for SA Kids, and also some changes that are coming to the Primary School toilet block. In this issue of CedarNews, we also investigate some of the High School Science curriculum, and hear how students are getting creative in the kitchen.

Mr Peter Thomson, Principal

The new shade areas in Primary School


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Year 12 History Excursion
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Year 7 Service Day
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PS Incursion - Dusty Feet Mob
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Year 7 Service Day - Fun Run
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Primary School Run4Fun
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Students Return for Term 3
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Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC)
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Changes Ahead

Changes Ahead

Student Leaders bring positive changes to Primary School

Crazy Hair, Serious Issue

Crazy Hair gets Serious

Hair in the Primary School goes crazy for a serious matter

Answers through Science

Answers through Science

High School students find answers through scientific studies

Kitchen Creativity

Kitchen Creativity

Senior School students cook up some creative solutions

The Front Page

Prefects Bring Change

In March, I had the privilege of taking our Year 6 Prefects to the Adelaide Entertainment Centre for the GRIP (Generosity, Responsibility, Integrity, People) Leadership conference.

Upper Primary Co-ordinator

The GRIP conference was a fantastic event, filled with entertaining speakers and many great ideas for student leadership within a primary school. During our lunch break, we chatted about what we had enjoyed from the conference so far. I asked the students if anything stood out to them, and almost unanimously they said with excitement, “The Toilet Project!”

So at that moment, The Toilet Project was born.

The prefects started sharing with me some of the elements of our toilet block that they didn’t like and why they thought it was essential to invest in that space. Once we started, the ideas just kept coming. We talked about it all the way back to school.

The Toilet Project

The prefects have diligently attended meetings in their lunchtimes each Thursday, to work collaboratively towards a common goal: to make our Primary School toilets a more comfortable, happy and brighter space. They then created a compelling PowerPoint presentation and requested a meeting with Mr Thomson and Mr Thorpe. The ‘Prefect Team’ had come up with some creative and clever ideas, including: a fresh coat of paint with a new colour scheme for the doors, new locks and toilet paper dispensers, automatic taps to save water, air freshener, steps for the little ones, and posters of uplifting sayings and Bible verses to encourage others. The next day, Mr Thomson invited us back for another meeting and gave us the good news that the proposal had been approved!

Working Together

It has been a lot of fun working with the prefects to choose paint colours, encouraging quotes, and Bible verses they would like to have displayed. The goal is for this makeover to happen in the July school holidays. Next term, we are looking forward to a special opening ceremony, to officially open the new toilet block. To make it even more special, Mr Thomson has organised a plaque to be installed in the toilets to acknowledge the ideas and effort that went into designing the new-look toilets. I am incredibly proud of the creativity, drive and passion that Luelle, Owen, Theo, Piper, Chloe and Sophie have shown. Well done, prefects!

Mrs Melody Birch, Upper Primary Co-ordinator

Week 8 News and Notices

Student Free Days – Term 3

Please note that Monday July 19, and Tuesday July 20 are Student Free Days for all students in R–12. Staff will be taking part in the CSA State Conference and Professional Development courses on these days.

Students return for Term 3

All students return for Term 3 on Wednesday July 21. High School starts 8:30am, Primary School starts 8:40am.

Uniform Shop Renovation Closure

Please be aware that, due to renovations, the Uniform Shop will be closed for the final week of Term 2, and also on the Student Free Monday of Term 3. The planned re-opening is Tuesday July 20 (also a Student Free Day).

Primary School Run4Fun

The Primary School Run4Fun will be held on campus on the last day of term, Friday June 25, following the Primary School chapel.

Parents/caregivers are invited to come and encourage the students on the day or even run a few laps! Hot beverages will be available for parents/caregivers to purchase from the Cedar Coffee Pod until 11:00am.

Fundraising sponsorship brochures have been sent home, with funds raised going towards upgrading our Primary School play areas. Please be aware that sponsorship is optional, but all students will participate in the event, as it is part of the Primary Fitness Program. Sponsorship is also available through the Qkr! app, via the School Fundraising Events menu. All students raising $10 or more will qualify to receive a prize.

All students will need to wear their PE uniform with their coloured House team t-shirt.

All donation forms need to be completed and returned to the Primary School Front Office with any money collected by Friday July 23, Week 1 of Term 3, including those who have donated using Qkr! The sponsorship prizes will be distributed to the classrooms in Term 3.

Last day of Term 2

The last day of Term 2 is Friday June 25. Primary School students finish 3:15pm, High School students finish 3:20pm.

Senior School Subject Selection Evening

The Senior School Information and Subject Selection Evening will be held on Wednesday 21st July 2021. During this evening, students will be presented with general information relevant to students in the senior years and also information specific to the subject selection process. 

Student attendance at this event is compulsory. Students are required to wear full winter uniform to this evening. 

Year 10 and 11 Information Session: 6.30pm in the Cedar College Auditorium, followed by course information in the Cafeteria.

Year 9 Information Session: 7pm in the Cedar College Auditorium, followed by course information in the Cafeteria.

Year 10 and 11 Subject Counselling

Students in Year 10 and 11 will be required to attend Subject Counselling in Week 3 of Term 3. These sessions will be held on Thursday August 5, between 9am – 7pm. Parents and caregivers can attend this session with their child, and will be able to book their subject counselling time slot online. 

School Photos – Term 3

Please note that our school photos will be taken in Week 2 of Term 3. Ordering envelopes will be sent home with all students on Friday June 18.  Family photo ordering envelopes can be collected from the Front Office.

Dogs on School Grounds

Please note that, for the safety of all students, we cannot allow dogs onto the school grounds, apart from assistance dogs.

No Kiss & Drop via Fosters Road

Please be aware that the visitor car park near the Fosters Road entrance, adjacent to the Admin building, must NOT be used as a Kiss & Drop area.

This area does not have teachers on duty, and for the safety of all students this car park is not available as a drop-off/pick-up area at the beginning or end of the school day. These limited parks are in place for our many visitors during the school day.

CYC Kids Camp, July Holidays

CYC Camps are run in the school holidays and are a great experience for kids and teens to get away, build relationships and learn more about God.

Kids Camp is a four day camp run during the school holidays at El Shaddai Camping Centre (near Tailem Bend) for kids aged 9–12 and is a great opportunity for them to meet new people and have some great experiences.

When: Tuesday July 6 – Friday July 9, 2021.  Cost: $200.

For more details visit: https://cycsa.org.au/camp/kids-camp  or contact our Primary School Chaplain, Josh Taylor.

Big Family Build 2021

The Big Family Build by Zenos Media is back!

Create a construction made of LEGO® bricks based on this year’s theme: Bible Metaphors and Similes.

Bible metaphors and similes are found throughout the Old and New Testament and are used to describe God, Jesus, ourselves and the world.

Entries close: 9th of July. Visit the Zenos Media website for more information https://www.zenosmedia.com/the-big-family-build  or contact our Primary School Chaplain, Josh Taylor.

Equilibrium Pilates Studio @ Cedar

Equilibrium means equal balance, which is what we want to help you achieve.

We see movement as nourishing and restorative, and use pilates, functional training, and corrective exercise in every session to help you reach your goals.

The Equilibrium Pilates Studio @ Cedar is housed within the Cedar College Sports Centre facility and teaches one-on-one and small group pilates sessions at affordable prices. For further information or to book a session, visit: https://www.eqstudio.com.au

Dates this Term


Term 2, 2021 – Tue 27 April – Fri 25 June

We will continue to have a three week break between Terms 2 and 3

Term 3, 2021 – Wed 21 July – Fri 24 Sept

Term 4, 2021 – Tue 12 Oct – Wed 8 Dec

Term 1, 2022 – Tues 1 Feb – Thu 14 April


Regular opening hours during term:

Monday 8:30am – 4:30pm

Wednesday 3pm – 5:30pm

Thursday extended opening hours:

TERM 2 – Weeks 1 – 4, 3pm – 5.30pm
(closed during Week 9)

TERM 4 – Weeks 1 – 3, 3pm – 5.30pm


Our Assemblies and Chapels are held on Fridays at 8:50am. 

Chapels and Assemblies in 2021 are not able to be attended by parents currently, due to restrictions.

Should guidelines for large gatherings change, parents/caregivers will be informed.

Primary School News

Crazy Hair, Serious Issue

It was colourful, wacky, long, tall, and generally crazy – hair in Primary School was on display, as both students and teachers got into the spirit of Crazy Hair Day.

The Year 6 Prefects spent many lunch times organising Crazy Hair Day, which took place on Thursday the 10th of June. We would like to thank all of the parents and caregivers for the effort involved in preparing their children for this special day. The hairstyles were all amazing, and it was difficult to decide the winners in each class. We were able to raise $860, which will be donated to Backpacks 4 SA Kids.

Displaying Love

In Week 6, a representative from Backpacks 4 SA Kids attended the Primary School Assembly, to talk about what they do, and why they do it. Backpacks 4 SA Kids is a non-profit organisation that prepares backpacks to give to children who have to leave home with little or no notice. The money that is donated is spent on purchasing a range of essential items for kids in need. The backpacks are packed with items such as toys, books, DVDs, colouring books, toiletries, clothes and pyjamas, by a group of volunteers. They are then stored in readiness for children who need them – around 3,000 every year.

Thank you to all of our Cedar community who supported the Crazy Hair Day fundraiser, and made a difference in the lives of South Australian children.

The Primary School Prefects

Sports News

Sporting Success

The last few weeks have seen some further success in the sporting arena across a range of sports.

SACSA Cross Country

Our Cross Country team received the news this week that they had won the 2021 Challenge Shield. This is awarded to the team that achieved the best results, when taken into consideration with the size of the school. Cedar College also finished second overall, which was a great result for our hard-training students!

Year 9/10 Boys Soccer

Congratulations to our Year 9–10 boys soccer team who finished second at the recent SACSA Soccer carnival. The boys made it into the Grand Final against Endeavour, which resulted in a hard-fought nil-all game.

The match was eventually decided by penalties. It was an excellent performance by our team, against some highly rated competition.



Year 6 girls Aizure, Emily, Grace and Sophie were selected to play for the North East District in the recent SAPSASA Netball Carnival.

The girls’ performance on the court was outstanding and they represented the school with pride. The district came second in their division, which was an excellent achievement. Well done girls, we are very proud of you!

Curriculum News

Answers Through Science

In High School, students have the opportunity to explore problems and find answers through the study of Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, and now Scientific Studies.

Scientific Studies

This year has seen the introduction of a new science subject to Year 11 – Scientific Studies. The Scientific Studies course allows students to explore areas of science that they are interested in, without the pressure of tests or exams. The course involves a lot of hands-on science investigation, and is assessed through practicals and assignments.

During class this year we have determined the best recipe for slime, made solar powered gadgets, electrolysed water, tested the water quality of local waterways and designed a prototype for SA Water. Students were also able to investigate and monitor the school’s impressive solar panel array which has contributed to a significant reduction in the school’s environmental impact.

For students looking for a science subject in Year 11, this is an interesting and enjoyable subject to consider. Talk to Mrs Shaw if you would like to find out more.

Mrs Emma Shaw, High School Science Teacher

Why is the Sky Blue?

The Year 9 students at Cedar college can answer this question with ease, through studying physics and the properties of the electro-magnetic spectrum.

In their Physics lessons, they learnt about the light dispersion in the atmosphere that causes colourful sunsets. They found out that this dispersion is the reason we see the sky as blue and the sun as yellow in daytime, even though the light coming from the sun is considered to be white. Mixing all the colours of the rainbow together actually blends the colours into white light. Using light boxes enabled the students to separate the white light into various other colours.

The colours red, orange, yellow and green, all have larger wavelengths, while blue and violet have smaller wavelengths and a higher frequency. The light with the higher wavelengths pass through the atmosphere with little or no scattering, while blue and violet waves are more scattered. These blue and violet light waves are scattered across the sky, which enter our eyes making the sky appear blue.

Mr Herman du Preez, High School Science Teacher

Senior School News

Creative in the Kitchen

Between 2-course meals, birthday cakes, and take-away lunches, the Food & Hospitality department has seen an exciting array of food come out of the kitchen this term.

Fusion Lunch

This term, for their Fusion Lunch event, the Year 12 Food & Hospitality students decided to do a 2-course takeaway-style lunch for the office staff, leadership and a few select teachers.

They trialed some different dishes and settled on beetroot pesto pasta with chicken, lamb Rogan Josh, carrot cake with cream cheese icing, and a lemon tart. The Year 12s worked hard in the kitchen all week in the lead up to the day, in order to prepare all of the delicious items. The Year 11s helped by preparing menus and collating all of the orders, while the Year 10s finished off the process by hand-delivering the meals to each staff member’s office. The lunch was a fantastic event, and was enjoyed by all those who ordered meals, resulting in a very successful day.

Year 10 Birthday Cakes

The Year 10s recently had a lot of fun planning and creating a child’s birthday cake. Each cake had to come out of the much-loved Women’s Weekly Children’s Birthday Cake Book. Students could use one of the distinct designs from the magazine or slightly adapt it with their own ideas. They had to create a template for cutting their cake into the required shapes, and also brought in the lollies and toppings required to decorate them. For many of the students, this was their first time using buttercream, which can be a difficult type of icing to work with. Despite the challenges, they all did very well to shape their cakes, and ice and decorate them.

Miss Caitlin Sampson, Home Economics Key Teacher