History Makers

History Makers

Year 10 History students experience running a ‘country’

History and Politics come alive

- Year 10 History Makers

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Year 10 History Makers

Friday the 7th of August saw the Year 10G History class enact the inaugural Investiture Ceremony of the Order of Renahria – an order of merit which honours leaders, innovators and pioneers who have distinguished themselves in the service of their country.

Since 2018, the 10G History classes have investigated political and social processes by establishing the fictitious country of Renahria, and forming its parliament. This has involved guiding their ‘country’ (and their individual electorates) through wars, social reforms and economic crises, along with the regular day-to-day decisions of government – literally making history.

While being directly linked to the History curriculum, the program provides plenty of freedom and scope for innovation, with MPs electing their Prime Ministers, who in turn select Cabinets and spear-head policies. Every decision has consequences (both to the health of the country’s various statistics, and politically for those who make them), and maintaining a prosperous nation while keeping hold of the top job is no easy feat.

Induction Ceremony

An honours system of the Order of Renahria was established in June this year by Executive Order to recognise those students who had gone above and beyond in their commitment to their roles and in their service to the nation. Inductees are presented with the medal of their class of honour, along with a lapel pin which they wear with their uniforms. Last week’s ceremony honoured those who have served with distinction over the past two years, including former Prime Ministers, Cabinet Ministers, and the current Chief Justice of the High Court.

The awards presented were:

The Order of Renahria Medal: For service to the country, or an electorate, which is worthy of particular recognition

Member of the Order of Renahria: For distinguished, sustained service to Renahria or humanity at large

Companion of the Order of Renahria: For eminent achievement and merit of the highest degree in service to Renahria or to humanity at large

Congratulations to all inductees. Awards ceremonies to honour members of the current Renahrian parliament will be held later this year.

Mr Jordan Rose, Year 11 Co-ordinator, Acting English Faculty Co-ordinator