Exciting Run4Fun

Exciting Run4Fun

Primary School students enjoy the thrill of the chase

A Colourful end to Term 3

- Excitement Energy and Exercise

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An Exciting Run4Fun

It was thrilling to see the entire Primary School dressed in their House colours and ready to enjoy the end of an unusual school term with some fun physical activities.

Before the Run4Fun began, the students performed their House cheers and the entire Primary School participated in a Health Hustle to warm up and get pumped up for the day ahead. The students also witnessed a special and creative presentation from the staff House Runners, when each runner showed off their best Health Hustle moves, with Mr Rowe winning some extra popsticks for Gould house with his moves.

The Run Begins

Once the Run4Fun began, students enjoyed running and walking at their own pace and worked well as a team. It was a joy to hear the encouraging cheers from each House as students encouraged each other throughout the day. Students also enjoyed taking a break from the running and walking by trying to win different challenges for their year levels. The Upper Primary were able to attempt a half court shot and the Junior Primary students tried making a 3-point shot to earn a Puzzle Piece for their House. The Junior Primary School students were also able to participate in the caterpillar race on the Cedar Oval and the Upper Primary could choose to participate in the rock-paper-scissors challenge with Mr Austin.

A Green Victory

Throughout the Run4Fun, each House earned hundreds of popsticks and it was a close race to the finish. Once the popsticks were tallied and totalled, Bradman came away victorious. The Bradman House captains, Ava and Riley, gave a heartfelt victory speech and all of the Primary School students ran (or walked) into the school holidays with their heads held high.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions this year, parents and caregivers were unable to attend the Run4Fun but hopefully they can return next year to encourage and cheer their students on.

Mr Andrew Bloomfield, Primary School PE Teacher