Not Ashamed of the Gospel 2020

Not Ashamed of the Gospel 2020

Not Ashamed of the Gospel 2020 goes live online

Taking the Gospel online

- Senior students not ashamed to share Jesus

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Not Ashamed of the Gospel - Online

Back in 2016, a student at Cedar College developed an idea which has now become an annual event – the Not Ashamed of the Gospel workshop.

The event usually takes place in the Auditorium, and includes students from a number of Christian schools in Adelaide. This year the workshop was held online with eight schools joining the sessions which were hosted by some of Cedar’s Senior School students, and co-ordinated by Pastor Jeremy. We asked some of our students what the workshop was all about.

So, what is Not Ashamed of the Gospel?

The Cedar Year 11 Veta Morphus class assisted in organising the Not Ashamed of the Gospel workshop, via Zoom. The heart of this workshop is aimed at emboldening the Christian school communities around us and assisting them in developing strategies for speaking out in their faith and spreading it to their friends in their school environments.

The goal of the workshop was for Christians in each of our respective schools to be strengthened practically, through connecting with other Christians at school, and to be confident in their faith to share with those who don’t know the Lord.


What did you learn, and what were the outcomes?

Dr Natasha Moore delivered two seminars that taught us how to share the Gospel message compellingly in the year of 2020. We also learned how there can be good outcomes, even in the difficult times that we are enduring this year. The students in each of the schools where equipped with ways to reach out to others around their school campus.

We hope that by the end of the Not Ashamed of the Gospel workshop, schools will be filled with a desire to reach out to people in their schools and have a passion to see a revival. We also hope to see students equipped with ways to share the Gospel engagingly, as well as a desire to glorify God by doing this.