Drama Centre Stage

Drama Centre Stage

Large vegetables and larger than life characters collide

From our Term 3 Week 9 Newsletter

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Drama Centre Stage

This year’s Senior Drama Production, A Fete Worse than Death, was performed by Cedar’s “Phoenix Theatre Company” under the direction of Mrs Anna Briggs.

Year 11 and 12 drama students captivated audiences with their outstanding production of this hilarious play written by Richard James.

‘A Fete Worse than Death’ is a comedy-murder-mystery play. All of the action takes place in a country produce tent amidst large vegetables and larger than life characters, in the fictional English town of Thornton. Actor Ray Martin is called upon to open the fete, drawing on his fame from playing TV’s Inspector Brady. Little does he know that ambition, infidelity, and marrow envy will lead to murder, and he’ll be left to solve the crime – without a script!

Audience Review

“I absolutely loved the Senior Drama production. It was filled with laugh-out-loud moments, tears, intrigue and some very impressive accents! I really loved being involved as an audience member and having to try and guess who the murderer was, and their motive for the crime. (Sadly, I was incorrect in my suspicions, so a transition to a career as a detective is not in the cards). A very impressive and thoroughly entertaining afternoon. Five out of five gold marrows!”

  • Mrs Danielle Cioffi, High School Teacher

Congratulations again to all those involved, especially the talented cast!