Cedar Cup 2021

Cedar Cup 2021

Presentation of the coveted High School Cedar Cup, 2021

Annual High School Cedar Cup results

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Cedar Cup 2021

It was a great pleasure to present the winning House of the Cedar Cup to the High School students, on Friday of Week 1.

The Cedar Cup is a means of reflecting the value of every student’s contribution to College life, and promotes the reality that they belong to something bigger than themselves. It is a way of celebrating the diversity of strengths within our student body and the positive experiences they have had.

The multi-faceted nature of the competition, and its unique structure, means that there are no spectators. Each and every student contributes to their House in some way, whether that be through their academic endeavours, their sporting talent or their service towards others. 

This is what was acknowledged last Friday. The winning House demonstrated all-round contribution, input and excellence in the six weighted categories of the Cup. In what was a tense and engaging ceremony, our Year 12 Student Leaders presented a summary of results and highlights for each category, revealing the results in each category: Event Days, Service, Character, Sport, Academics, and Creative Arts.

Cup Winners

It was a pleasure to present Gould House with the Cedar Cup, who took over the Cup honours from Laver, the previous and inaugural winners.

Final Overall Results (weighted ranking scores)

1st – Gould with 524.4 points        2nd – Laver with 497.8 points   |   3rd – Jackson with 479.8 points   |   4th – Bradman with 398.1

Well done to Gould House Captains, Sammi and Luke, for your leadership, as well as to the whole of Gould House! The High School student body will observe some continual reminders of Gould’s success around the High School over the next 12 months. Not only will they be flying their House flag, but the Cup will be looking a little blue for a while!

I would like to thank our Community teachers for the crucial part they play every day in encouraging their House towards being their best.
Thank you also to Mrs De Cristofaro for administering the Cup competition. 

In 2021, our students have taken on many challenges, have displayed positivity and good humour, a genuine love and kindness towards each other, and a willingness to keep trying when things have been tough. Everyone should be proud of their individual contribution and their House’s performance. Well done to you all!

Mr Andrew Lock, Head of High School