Investigations: A Closer Look

Investigations: A Closer Look

Investigation time helps students develop skills and understanding

From our Term 3 Week 7 Newsletter

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Investigations: A Closer Look

Investigations are an important part of our Reception and Year 1 classrooms at Cedar College.

In Junior Primary we believe students learn best when they are actively involved in learning that is relevant, motivating and builds upon their prior knowledge and understanding.

Investigations play a key part in this as they nurture creativity, collaboration, and imagination, and encourage children to pursue their curiosity through hands-on exploration, questions, and reflection.

Play is a key feature of children’s early lives both at home and in kindergarten prior to starting school. We value where children have come from and our learning environment for play-based investigations helps to support the transition from kindergarten to school.

Exploring and Learning

During investigations, children explore different learning areas such as role-play, maths, block construction, making, reading, sensory experiences, writing, and small world play. Each of these areas connect to the more structured learning that occurs throughout our school day. During this time, children can also make their own choice as to where and what they would like to learn. This encourages independence and taking responsibility for their own learning.

Children love Investigations, and there are also many benefits for teachers. Teachers can use this time to build relationships with children, learn what they are capable of, and observe their skills, strengths, and areas to focus on. This information is valuable in supporting the future learning of each child.

Developing Social Skills

Investigations also provide an ideal platform for developing social skills. We value strong relationships that support a sense of belonging, and we encourage our students to collaborate and to value and respect the thoughts and ideas of others. This, in turn, allows students to feel comfortable and safe in their environment, while being inspired to learn through a broad range of opportunities.

It is wonderful to be able to incorporate these Investigations into the students’ day and to see how much the children enjoy and value them. The positive impact on children’s learning and social and emotional wellbeing has been significant, and has been well worth the effort.

Mrs Sharlene Tirimacco, Junior Primary Co-ordinator