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Term 3, Week 9



Thankful and Blessed

As we head into the final week of Term 3, we are so thankful that we have experienced a term with minimal disruption, given the situation interstate.

It seems like a long time ago now, but Term 3 began with students once again learning from home. 

Thankfully, the South Australian lockdown only lasted a matter of days, and we were able to resume what has been, for the most part, a fairly normal term. Of course the ever-present face masks and gathering restrictions are a constant reminder that we’re still living in unusual times.

We would again like to express our thanks to all of our Cedar families, for continuing to show grace and understanding during this time. Our parents and caregivers are such an important part of school life, and we certainly look forward to the time when we are able to resume many of the on-campus activities that bring us together as a school community.

Around the Campus

This fortnight, our Director of Curriculum looks at 21st Century learning, the Primary School learns more about loving their neighbours, the High School takes a look at the serious issue of preventing alcohol and risk-related trauma, and on a lighter note, we review the recent Senior Drama performance.

Mr Peter Thomson, Principal


Week 9 >>
HS Semester 2 begins
Details: Monday, Jun 27 (all day)
Year 10 Work Experience
Details: Monday, Jun 27 to Friday, Jul 1 (all day)
Year 12 History Excursion
Details: Wednesday, Jun 29 (all day)
Year 7 Service Day
Details: Thursday, Jun 30 (all day)
PS Incursion - Dusty Feet Mob
Details: Thursday, Jun 30 From: 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm NAIDOC Week - Aboriginal Performance
Last day of Term 2
Details: Friday, Jul 1 (all day)
Year 7 Service Day - Fun Run
Details: Friday, Jul 1 (all day)
Primary School Run4Fun
Details: Friday, Jul 1 (all day)
Details: Saturday, Jul 2 to Sunday, Jul 24 (all day)
Week 1 >>
Details: Monday, Jul 25 (all day)
Students Return for Term 3
Details: Tuesday, Jul 26 (all day)
Week 2 >>
Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC)
Details: Wednesday, Aug 3 (all day) Academic Competition for students in Year 3-12

21st Century Skills

21st Century Skills

Evidence-based learning is develops skills for life

Love Your Neighbour

Love Your Neighbour

Year 3s put both learning and love into action

Preventing Trauma

Preventing Trauma

Year 11s look at cause and effects of serious trauma

Drama on Stage

Drama on Stage

Large vegetables and larger than life characters collide

The Front Page

21st Century Skill Development

During Week 7 of this term, I had the privilege of taking our Year 12 Physical Education class to the Lights Community Centre, where they participated in a Volleyball Tournament against other Year 12 Physical Education classes.

The class attended the tournament as the conclusion to their Group Dynamics task, with schools from as far away as Glossop and Murray Bridge participating. The way that students engage in this task helps to highlight how not only senior Physical Education has changed, but how 21st Century Skill Development (or Capability Development) is being embedded within the curriculum.

Through initial team meetings, where evidence of communication and collaboration was collected, students were selected to act in one of the following coaching roles: Technical Coach, Tactical Coach and Motivational Coach. Each coaching group then needed to analyse data from a range of sources, including skill development and game-play, tactical understanding, goal setting, and motivational profiles. From here students selected some initial strategies to try and assist our team to improve, and we then started training. During our 10 weeks of training for the tournament, each coaching group needed to consistently work through video analysis, peer feedback and survey results. This allowed students to monitor progress and adjust training strategies so that the team could continue to improve.

Evidence-Based Learning

Within the task there was a large emphasis on students providing evidence. They needed to provide evidence that the strategies they employed resulted in improvement, and that they had adjusted their strategies based on the evidence collected. They also needed to provide evidence that they applied communication and collaboration skills in a manner that assisted in the overall development of the team. This placed a heavy reliance on students being able to capture and analyse footage using digital technologies, and resulted in them being more responsible for their learning. The teacher then had the task of guiding their learning, rather than directing it.

While this is only one example from one subject, it does provide an indication of how learning is transforming in the 21st Century. Through these changes, students are developing skills for life, and engaging with technology in ways that assists them in demonstrating their learning.

Mr Tim Maddern, Director of Curriculum

Week 9 News and Notices

Sports Team and Group Photos

A number of Cedar College sports and extra-curricular groups are being photographed on Friday morning. Those involved have either been emailed, or given a note, regarding the uniform required and time of each photo.

Big Day In Sausage Sizzle

Orders for the High School Big Day In Sausage Sizzle are available via the Qkr! app and should be made by next Wednesday. Students must wear their coloured House Team polo shirt, with sports shorts, on the day.

For all Year 12 students and caregivers

Important SATAC Dates

30 September 2021 – SATAC Application fees increase after this date.
1 December 2021 – Deadline for applicants to pay their application fee and still be guaranteed equal consideration. Closing date for equal consideration for all semester 1 2022 courses. New applications after this date are not guaranteed equal consideration for selection.

Last Day of Term 3

The last day of Term 3 is Friday September 24. Primary School students finish at 3:15pm, High School student finish at 3:20pm.

Please note that canteen lunch orders will not be available on this day.

Student Free Days – Term 4

Please note the following dates for Term 4

Monday October 11 – Student Free Day for all students.

Friday December 3 – Student Free Day for all students.

First Day of Term 4

Students return for Term 4 on Tuesday October 12. High School starts 8:30am, Primary School starts 8:40am.

Junior Primary Sports Day – Term 4

Families in Junior Primary have been sent a note with details of the Junior Primary Sports Day, on Friday October 22 (Term 4, Week 2). Parents and caregivers will be able to attend the Sports Day, which is held on the Cedar Oval. Orders for the sausage sizzle are available via Qkr!, and hot drinks will be available for purchase from the Coffee Pod on the day. House Team badges may also be pre-ordered for $1 each by using the slip attached to the Sports Day note. Students must wear their Cedar sports shorts and coloured team t-shirt on the day, which are available for order via the Qkr! app.

Summer Uniform

Please take the time over the next few weeks to check your child’s Summer Uniform, in preparation for Term 4.

To help with current capacity restrictions, we are asking parents to create an online booking, available in 15 minute slots, via our website. To book a time slot, please visit our Uniform Shop page.

Uniform items may also be purchased via the Uniform Shop menu in the Qkr! app. Please remember to select a collection method, to ensure that your order is fulfilled correctly.

Primary School Swimming Weeks

Swimming Weeks, for all students in Primary School, are planned for Term 4, with the Junior Primary swimming in Week 3, and Upper Primary swimming in Week 4. Further information will be available early next term

25th Anniversary Souvenirs

Limited edition Anniversary drinkware!

To celebrate our 25th Anniversary, we have released a strictly limited quantity of souvenir items. If you’d like to own a little bit of Cedar history, you can order and pay through the Qkr! App.

The Tritan (BPA-free) 650ml water bottle is just $9 and is available in 4 colours and features a carry handle and wide opening.

The double-wall bamboo 350ml travel cup features a stainless steel inner and secure screw-on lid, and is available for $16.

CityReach Kids Discovery Club

CityReach Kids is excited to announce the launch of its Kids Discovery Club registrations for the coming school holidays!

“I Wonder…”

“I Wonder…” is an exciting school holiday program for kids aged 5-12, where they will discover how they can live their lives for God!

When: Tuesday 28th Sept – Friday 1st Oct, 8:30am – 12:30pm each day

$50 for the first child, and $35 for each additional child. Limited tickets available so get in quick! Register at: cityreach.com.au/oakden/kids

Equilibrium Pilates Studio @ Cedar

Equilibrium means equal balance, which is what we want to help you achieve.

We see movement as nourishing and restorative, and use pilates, functional training, and corrective exercise in every session to help you reach your goals.

Spring Special for new clients: 1 introduction to Pilates session and 2 Pilates equipment classes for $50 (valued at $124) –  See brochure for details.

The Equilibrium Pilates Studio @ Cedar is housed within the Cedar College Sports Centre facility and teaches one-on-one and small group pilates sessions at affordable prices. Visit our website for further information or to book a session.

Dates this Term


Term 3, 2021 – Wed 21 July – Fri 24 Sept

Term 4, 2021 – Tue 12 Oct – Wed 8 Dec

Term 1, 2022 – Tues 1 Feb – Thu 14 April

Term 2, 2022 – Tue 3 May – Fri 1 July

We will continue to have a three week break between Terms 2 and 3


Regular opening hours during term:

Monday 8:30am – 4:30pm

Wednesday 3pm – 5:30pm

Thursday extended opening hours:

TERM 2 – Weeks 1 – 4, 3pm – 5.30pm

TERM 4 – Weeks 1 – 3, 3pm – 5.30pm


Our Assemblies and Chapels are held on Fridays at 8:50am. 

Chapels and Assemblies are currently not able to be attended by parents, due to restrictions.

Should guidelines for large gatherings change, parents/caregivers will be informed.

Primary School News

Love your Neighbour

Learning about Australia’s neighbours has been a major topic for the Year 3s this Term.

This week, the Year 3s transformed their classrooms into a ‘village’, displaying their learning about Australia’s neighbours from throughout the term. They have learnt about Thailand, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, and spent time researching their country’s culture, food, transport, housing, native animals, as well as how poverty affects some of the population. They have also eaten a small bowl of rice for lunch each day in order to experience, in a very little way, how people dealing with poverty may live and feel.

As well as a research component, students needed to make a traditional house from pop sticks, a plasticine model of a native plant and animal, and decorate a mannequin in traditional clothes. As other classes came to visit the village, the Year 3s showed other students their projects and played a game with them, teaching others about what they have learnt.

Displaying Love

As well as these fun activities, the Year 3s have made sure that they didn’t simply learn about their neighbours, but also did some things to display God’s love to them. The Year 3s ran a fundraiser, raising money for our Compassion sponsor children by selling products they had made from yarn.

The theme throughout the project has been ‘Love Your Neighbour’ and it has been fantastic to see the Year 3s modelling this throughout this very exciting week!

Mr Phil Klassen & Mr Jason Rowe, Year 3 Teachers

Senior School News

P.A.R.T.Y. - A Serious Matter

A unique incursion event took place at Cedar for selected Year 10 and 11 students, who were able to attend the P.A.R.T.Y. (Prevent Alcohol and Risk-related Trauma in Youth) Program.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, our students were unable to visit the hospital for this excursion, so instead, the hospital staff came to us!

The program was run by SAHealth and is a world-wide trauma prevention initiative which is the first of its kind to be held in South Australia. The program’s aims are to effect behaviour change by assisting young people in identifying risks and making better and safer choices, which are primary strategies in preventing trauma.

The day began with students hearing a powerful talk about dangerous risk-taking behaviour and some of the things that can cause young people to make bad choices, such as drugs and alcohol. Dangerous scenarios such as diving into unknown depths of water, speeding, and distracted driving, were also discussed, along with the injuries related to these risk-taking choices. Students also heard from a paramedic about the various emergency services that are accessible, and how these services operate.

Hands-on Trauma Care 

The Year 11s also took part in a scenario-based session, which was a hands-on exercise with a medical simulation mannequin needing care. This required the students to perform vital body checks, monitor blood pressure, and perform resuscitation. A discussion on rehabilitation, and what is involved with this often lengthy process, was followed by students experiencing the difficulties of buttering bread with their left hand and eating jelly water.

The day was facilitated by experienced Trauma Nurses, who care for patients during their critical stages of life. The day concluded with students receiving a presentation from a trauma survivor, finishing with the important take home message: One Choice Could Change Your Life, FOREVER.

Mrs Melissa Rogers, High School Teacher

Event News

Drama Amongst the Veggies

This year’s Senior Drama Production, A Fete Worse than Death, was performed by Cedar’s “Phoenix Theatre Company” under the direction of Mrs Anna Briggs.

Year 11 and 12 drama students captivated audiences with their outstanding production of this hilarious play written by Richard James.

‘A Fete Worse than Death’ is a comedy-murder-mystery play. All of the action takes place in a country produce tent amidst large vegetables and larger than life characters, in the fictional English town of Thornton. Actor Ray Martin is called upon to open the fete, drawing on his fame from playing TV’s Inspector Brady. Little does he know that ambition, infidelity, and marrow envy will lead to murder, and he’ll be left to solve the crime – without a script!

Audience Review

“I absolutely loved the Senior Drama production. It was filled with laugh-out-loud moments, tears, intrigue and some very impressive accents! I really loved being involved as an audience member and having to try and guess who the murderer was, and their motive for the crime. (Sadly, I was incorrect in my suspicions, so a transition to a career as a detective is not in the cards). A very impressive and thoroughly entertaining afternoon. Five out of five gold marrows!”

  • Mrs Danielle Cioffi, High School Teacher

Congratulations again to all those involved, especially the talented cast!