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Term 1, Week 11



Changes, Changes...

We began this school term under the theme “Subject to Change” and that is certainly how things have played out, on many levels.

Over the last eleven weeks we have experienced ongoing changes that included online learning for some year levels, ongoing changes to restrictions and activities, changes to COVID testing, and changes to close contact and classroom contact rules – just to name a few! These changes have meant considerable workload increases for staff, and, of course, disruptions to school life for many of our Cedar families.

An Unchanging Saviour

As we take the time to celebrate Easter this weekend, it is fitting that we remember the One who never changes – Jesus. The Bible, in Hebrews 13:8, states that “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.” That’s so reassuring to know. When the world around us feels like a blur of uncertainty, we can have faith, trust and confidence in an unchanging Saviour, and a God who remains in control of all things.

We hope your Easter break is restful, safe, and meaningful, and look forward to seeing you when Term 2 resumes on Tuesday May 3.

Around the Campus

In this issue of CedarNews, Pastor Jeremy Wright reminds us of God’s Perfect Easter Plan, we join in on The Great Cedar Run, visit the Year 7 Camp with a Difference, celebrate our Athletics success, and get quite a reaction in Primary School Science!


Mr Peter Thomson, Principal


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Plans for Easter

God meticulously planned the first Easter – and it didn’t fail.

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Great Cedar Run

Primary School students run the distance for a great cause.

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A Different Camp

Year 7s brave three days of beach, bikes and brain twisters!

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Athletics Champs

High School students take home the C2 Athletics trophy.

The Front Page

Plans for Easter

Everyone has some sort of plans for Easter. I’m planning to attend a wedding on Easter Saturday (if I don’t get quarantined beforehand!)

Many of us are planning getaways to create special times for our families. Maybe your plan is to just collapse and recover from a crazy term (good plan!) Churches are planning special services so that people from the community can visit and celebrate the spirit of Easter (maybe plan a visit!)

So many plans. It’s appropriate because the very first Easter was meticulously planned.


Jesus Christ knew what he would be doing the whole weekend:

  • He knew he would celebrate a festive meal with his closest friends (and had the details all planned out). It was here that he explained that he was about to die to forgive the sins of many people (Matthew 26:28)
  • Jesus Christ knew he would be arrested, tortured, and sentenced to death (he’d told his followers multiple times that this would happen – and yet he did not run away from it.)
  • Jesus Christ knew he would die on that Good Friday. It was no accident. It had been planned out long beforehand. He knew it had to happen in order to bring us to God.
  • Jesus Christ had already planned to rise again from the dead on the third day. Again he’d told his followers that this would happen. But then, how does someone plan something like that?!
  • Jesus Christ spent Easter Sunday, freshly resurrected and explaining to his followers how the whole thing happened exactly as planned – the old scriptures detailed it all!

The events of that first Easter weekend seemed at first to be spiralling out of control.

“But God knew what would happen, and his prearranged plan was carried out when Jesus was betrayed.” (Acts 2:23)

In fact, “Jesus gave his life for our sins, just as God our Father planned, in order to rescue us from this evil world in which we live.” (Galatians 1:4)

“He makes everything work out according to his plan (Ephesians 1:11).

“For God saved us and called us to live a holy life. He did this, not because we deserved it, but because that was his plan from before the beginning of time—to show us his grace through Christ Jesus.” (2 Timothy 1:9)

Whatever happens to our plans for this Easter weekend, we can celebrate that Jesus Christ’s original Easter plans didn’t fail. And that gives us hope for the future, no matter how this weekend looks!


Pastor Jeremy Wright, Cedar College Pastor

Week 11 News and Notices

Last Day of Term 1

The last day of Term 1 for all students is Thursday April 14.

Primary School students finish at 3:15pm, High School students finish at 3:20pm.

Public Holidays – Term 1

Friday April 15 – Good Friday Holiday

First Day of Term 2

Students will return for Term 2 on Tuesday May 3. Monday May 2 is a Student Free Day.

High School students begin at 8:30am, Primary School students begin at 8:40am.

High School (7-11) Learning Conversations

The Year 7-11 Learning Conversations are scheduled for Term 2, on Monday 9th May, from 4:00-8pm. These Conversations will be held in F-Block, in various rooms. Parents and Caregivers will be emailed booking instructions in Week 1 of Term 2.

Students are encouraged to be available to meet with their teachers and parents/caregivers. In some circumstances the interview may begin with just parents/caregivers and teachers, and end with the student being present as well.

Please note that during these conversations, some COVID-19 restrictions still apply, including physical distancing requirements, and we would prefer that you wear a facemask, unless you have a medical exemption.

Winter Uniform Reminder

Now is the time to ensure that students have their winter uniform requirements organised to avoid the end-of-term rush. The Uniform Shop is open on Mondays (8:30am – 4:30pm) and Wednesdays (3pm – 5:30pm) during term.

The Uniform shop will be open from 9am-4pm on Monday May 2 (Student Free Day).

Most uniform items, including winter uniform, are now available via the Qkr! app. Please first select a delivery method to ensure that your order is placed correctly, and you will be notified when the order has been fulfilled.

Please remember to clearly name all uniform items, as this provides the best chance for lost items to be returned to students.

UCAT – University Clinical Aptitude Test

The University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) is now open for Registrations and Bookings until 17 May 2022. Testing begins on July 1, 2022 and the last testing date is on August 12, 2022. Visit www.ucat.edu.au to register, or for more information.

It is important to note, you will need to register if you are interested in studying Medicine, Dentistry, Oral Health or Clinical Sciences at the University of Adelaide or Flinders University. Otherwise, if you wish to study at any other University in Australia, visit www.ucat.edu.au/about-ucat/universities.

Dogs on School Grounds

Please note that for the safety of all students, we cannot allow dogs onto the school grounds, apart from special-needs assistance dogs.

Playstart Soccer @ Cedar

PlayStart Soccer sessions will be held on the Cedar College Oval on Thursdays, starting from May 12 (Term 2).

playstartPlayStart Soccer’s R-3 program are fun sessions for children to learn new skills and improve existing ones. Whether your child is looking to get a start in soccer or just stay active for 50 mins after-school, this is a great way to tick those boxes!

The 8-week program costs $99 and can be booked online at https://playstart.com.au/afterschool-programs/ and selecting Enrol Now, and Cedar College as the Location. For further information, email [email protected]playstart.com.au  or contact our After-School Sports Co-ordinator at Cedar, Mrs Michelle Green [email protected]

Easter Services @ CityReach

You are warmly invited to the Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday services at CityReach Oakden.

Good Friday – 9am and 10:30am

Resurrection Sunday – 9am and 11am

+ Easter egg hunt for kids (between services)

There will be singing, drama, hot cross buns, and a Sunday Easter egg hunt!  We hope to see you there! 


CityReach Kids is excited to be launching Bedrock! A weekly after school program for Primary School kids. Enjoy Bible stories, games, songs, quizzes, memory verses, snacks and more!

This will be launching on Thursdays in Term 2 and beyond. For more info and to register click here.  We can’t wait to see you there!

Calendar Information


Term 1, 2022 – Tues 1 Feb – Thu 14 April

Term 2, 2022 – Tue 3 May – Fri 1 July

Three week break between Terms 2 and 3

Term 3, 2022 – Tue 26 July – Fri 30 Sept

Term 4, 2022 – Tue 18 Oct – Wed 14 Dec


Regular opening hours during term:

Monday 8:30am – 4:30pm

Wednesday 3pm – 5:30pm

Thursday extended opening hours:

TERM 2 – Weeks 1 – 4, 3pm – 5.30pm

TERM 4 – Weeks 1 – 3, 3pm – 5.30pm


Our Primary School Chapels and Assemblies and held on Fridays at 8:50am. 

Please note that currently our Chapels and Assemblies are not able to be attended by parents, due to restrictions.

Should guidelines for large gatherings change, parents/caregivers will be informed. Thank you for your understanding.

Primary School News

The Great Cedar Run

In Week 10, Primary School students set out on a virtual race from Melbourne to Adelaide along the Great Ocean Road.

Running in teams, the students aimed to complete the combined 1,090kms in five days, during their morning fitness program. Two Cedar Dads, Matt and Clint, inspired the students by doing a real life run and ride from Melbourne to Adelaide, keeping students motivated in a race to the finish line! Matt and Clint’s run was in partnership with The Sebastian Foundation to raise much needed funds to support youth mental health, through a program called Open Parachute.

Race to the Finish 

After five days of running, each of the three teams completed the 1,090km! Team Receptions, Year 1s and Year 2s, lead the way with the most distance each day, finishing first on an impressive 1,165km. Team Year 3&6 came runners up thanks to a huge final day effort, making 1,151km. Team Year 4&5 was closely behind, with 1,114km.

As a combined Primary School, the students ran a total distance of 3,430km, which is all the way to Melbourne and back! Thanks to the generosity of our Cedar families, we raised $2,220 for the Great Ocean Road Relay! Cedar College has contributed a further $780, bringing the total to $3,000, which will help support 100 students through the Open Parachute program. Thank you to all those who donated to this important cause!


Mrs Bek Robinson, Sports Co-ordinator Year 3-12

Curriculum News

Science - Irreversible Reactions

Who doesn’t love a good reaction? And for me, one of the best is the reaction between bicarb soda and vinegar.

So, of course, this reaction had to be studied by the Year 6 classes as part of this term’s topic: Reversible and Irreversible Changes. We discussed the changes we saw when the two substances were mixed and even used a pH indicator to watch the vinegar change from acidic to neutral when we added the alkaline bicarb soda to it. The fizz and bubbles were so fun that this led to the students to ask the questions: “What things might affect this reaction?” and in particular, “How long does it last?”.

Digging Deeper

Over the last few weeks, the students have been planning their own experiments where they have either changed the liquid or the powder, the amount of bicarb soda or the type of vinegar, all in an effort to see if it affects the reaction. They timed each reaction with the goal of finding out which one lasted longer than the bicarb soda and white vinegar reaction. It proved to be an exciting lesson of discovery, with plenty of fizzing and bubbling to enjoy!


Mrs Julie Volkoff, Primary School Science Teacher

Run for a Bright Future

Six Cedar students and two staff took part in the 2022 Sandy Running Festival last weekend.

Sandy Run


Each participant challenged themselves to run or walk 5km, to support the Bright Futures Child Health Care project in South Sudan.

The event is about journeying through our spectacular South Australian coastal landscape and discovering something more about yourself.

The Running Festival offers the opportunity to expand your limits on a different kind of trail run, while improving the lives of many children through a life-saving community campaign.

We look forward to seeing more friends and family join us next time.

Miss Kerry Spriggs, Year 7 Co-ordinator

Middle School News

Camp With a Difference

This year, the Year 7 camp looked a little different from usual, and was aptly titled the “Year 7 Camp With a Difference”.

Instead of going to Victor Harbor, we enjoyed three jam-packed, fun days of activities down at the beach, in Belair National Park, and at Cedar. This year’s focus was all about getting to know others and broadening our friendships.

Overcoming Challenges

Working in tribes, the students were encouraged to overcome challenges, work together as a team, and develop new skills. On Wednesday, the students spent the day at the beach challenged by a variety of team activities and water games, followed by a relaxed afternoon playing sport on the school oval, a pizza dinner, and a movie night on the Gazebo lawns. On Thursday and Friday, the group split into two, with half going to Belair National park where they enjoyed a bike ride around the park, and learnt some orienteering and shelter-building skills. The other half enjoyed a range of water obstacle courses, ‘A-Frame Walking’, Brain Twisters, and Challenge Courses back at school.

Student Highlights

A highlight of this year’s Year 7 camp was the bike riding at Belair. It was a really fun, scenic tour, riding around all the trees and bushes. I especially enjoyed the bumpy gravel areas, as it felt like mountain biking. We also played some fun games while riding, which was enjoyable. Another thing that made it a lot nicer was riding in a natural area with all my friends. – Isaac G

I had a wonderful time at the camp. It was amazing to get to know others in Year 7 that weren’t in my class. My favourite part of camp was going to Belair and getting to go bike riding with those from my tribe. I also enjoyed the water relay. I also loved watching the ducks fight over food when people threw bread into the pond! One last thing I liked was watching the movie outdoors on Wednesday night. It was a little chilly, but I still enjoyed it. – Buvnoor K


Miss Kerry Spriggs, Year 7 Co-ordinator

Senior School News

SSSA Interschool Athletics

Congratulations to the High School Athletics Team, who were winners of the C2 School Sport SA Athletics Day on the 11th of April 2022.

The Cedar boys’ team finished in first place, while the Cedar Girls’ team were runners up in their respective categories.

It was a brilliant effort by the team, filling in for events where required and gaining valuable points for the win. I want to acknowledge those students who spent many hours training but were unable to attend because of illness. Thank you for your dedication and we look forward to seeing you represent Cedar in 2023.

Team and Individual Success

Across the board, students performed exceptionally well in their events, with most placing in the top three for their division. Cedar was in the lead for most of the day, but some incredible relay results sealed the win, with six of our relay teams placing 1st and two coming runners up.

Our MVPs for the day were:

Middle School – Lachlan O & Maya S

Senior School – Jonathan A & Sienna W

Cedar will now move up to the C1 division in 2023, and we’re excited to take on the challenge!


Mrs Bek Robinson, Sports Co-ordinator Year 3-12

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