Living in The Village

Living in The Village

High School students learn about living with less

Realities of Living in The Village

- CedarNews Term 3, Week 4

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On Friday, Compassion Australia visited Cedar College to run “The Village” with the Year 9-11 students. It was a fast paced, interactive game where students experienced the harsh realities of living with less.

Students were challenged to make decisions about what they do with the little money they were given in order to survive. Students were able to gain more understanding about the lives our sponsor children live, along with many others around the world.

Cedar College has a strong connection with Compassion Australia, and now sponsors five children children through the Compassion programme. The biennial Thailand Service Trip is an opportunity for students to visit with and spend time with the sponsor children that they have been supporting throughout their time at Cedar College. The money raised by students throughout the school helps support the five children and their families, as well as various educational projects in Thailand.

“We really enjoyed it. We liked how we could see the reality of life and how families live in third world countries – and we also liked that we won!” Nichole, Paige and Isabella – Year 9

“I really enjoyed The Village, because it showed me how people in third world countries live. Now I appreciate things more than I did.” Heavenli – Year 9

Miss Kerry Spriggs, Year 7 Co-ordinator