Year 4 Sustainability Garden

Year 4 Sustainability Garden

Year 4 garden teaches students about Sustainability

Year 4 students learn about Sustainability

- CedarNews Term 3, Week 2

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This term, in Year 4, we are learning about Sustainability, and this week began planting some different flowers and vegetables in front of the shed near our classroom.

We worked in partnership with Mr Webb (Middle School Co-ordinator) and he has been teaching us how to plant and take great care of our plants. We have also been reading The Lorax by Dr Seuss and learning how important it is to grow trees and plants to look after our world.

“Yesterday we planted new plants. We were getting out the hay, weeds and even a pen from the planter boxes.” – Archer

“We planted strawberries and violas and some other flowers. Even though it’s not tomato season there was a tomato plant growing so we planted it to see how it goes.” – Aliya

“We went planting next to the shed and we were taking out the weeds from the boxes with the dirt to clear space for planting, which we did at the end of the lesson. I think it was very fun and I’d love to do it again.” – Matthew

“I liked digging, to make it soft, and so the dirt doesn’t get hard so that people can plant.” – Ashleigh

“We did it so we can learn how to garden and because it’s important that the world keeps on growing.” – Jaden