True Blue Champs

True Blue Champs

After an exciting day of events, Gould takes out Upper Primary Sports Day!

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True Blue Champions

The 17th of March was an exciting day as the Upper Primary hosted their highly anticipated Sports Day on the Primary School oval.

The popularity of the ReadyGo app for the High School Sports Day saw it implemented for the Primary School, also with huge success. High School Sports leadership, Angus Tully, Robyn Naude and Tani Cook, played a key role in entering data, giving students and parents an up-close view of the pre-events and real-time score updates throughout the day.

Chants and Relays kicked the day off and it was wonderful to see parents and friends out in force to encourage the students, offering cheering and support for their Houses.

Upper Primary teachers took their classes around the various events as the students competed against one another, and it was encouraging to see each student giving every event a go. It was amazing to experience the students’ talent, along with their enthusiasm and joy throughout the day. Students participated in High Jump, Long Jump, 100m heats, Jenga relay, and two long-standing favourites, the Gauntlet and Aqua Hurdles.

Fun Events for Everyone

Not wanting the students to have all the fun, parents came out in force to ensure victory against the teachers and High School students in the tug-of-war, but were not as successful in the relay. 

After lunch the scores were hidden, but Gould had taken the lead. It would be down to the 100m finals to decide the winner. Despite the best attempts of the other teams, Gould were too far ahead and won the title for 2023.

Final standings were: Gould 941, Bradman 885, Laver 673, Jackson 662

A big thank you for all the teachers who helped out on the day, especially Mrs Michelle Green who looked after the long jump, the senior students who ran events and competed in the relay and, of course, all the parents and friends who were there to support the students. It was a fantastic day!


Mrs Bek Robinson Year 3-12 Sports Coordinator