Orchestra Out of This World

Orchestra Out of This World

Year 5 Music Class

Year 5s visit Adelaide Symphony Orchestra

- CedarNews Term 2, Week 6

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The Year 5s had the exciting experience of visiting The Adelaide Symphony Orchestra at the Adelaide Town Hall, for a series of concerts by engaging composer, Paul Rissmann.

Paul Rissman writes: “I’ve always believed you can’t just throw the orchestra at young people and expect them to engage. We can do so much better than that”, and he certainly delivered! His compositions are fun, imaginative, engaging and inventive, with heaps of opportunities for audience participation.

The Year 5s have been learning the material for Rissman’s take on Alice in Wonderland called “Out of This World” in their music lessons. Movements included “Down the Rabbit Hole”, “The Dutchess; the Cook, the Pig and the Pepper” and “Queen of Hearts” and “Finale”. We watched as the strings sections played in perfect unison, the brass thundered in with extra melody, while a percussionist played on a set of pots and pans! The orchestra then played the theme from Star Wars, ending the concert on a high note.

The Year 3s will be treated to the heartwarming story book “The Chimpanzees of Happy Town”, a charming tale of Chutney the Chimp’s journey of turning Drabsville into Happy town! These movements reflect Rissman’s theme of the hope that comes from watching a seed grow into colour and life, with movements that sound drab and dreary to the party song “Happy Town” to finish. There is nothing quite like seeing a symphony orchestra live in a beautiful, historic concert venue!

Mrs Amy Webster, Primary School Music Specialist Teacher