Democracy at Work in Year 6

Democracy at Work in Year 6

Year 6 Civics and Citizenship

Year 6 students experience the democratic process

- CedarNews Term 2, Week 4

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Democracy was at work in the Year 6 classrooms this term. Students have enjoyed the hands on experience of learning how government representatives become elected.

The majority of students were randomly placed into four major political parties, while a further four students became independent representatives. Policy development for some parties brought about great debate on what the party platform issues should be. Ballot papers were drawn up within their electorates according to the double random draw. Question time after the press conference was remarkably similar to reality, with everyone wanting to have their say.

After a week of campaigning, at times including tasty treats, the students went to the polls. After all of the votes were cast, the preferences were distributed. The results seeing the Greens take out 2 seats, while Family First gained one seat and Independent, Farhaan Bhattacharjee, gained the final seat. All that remained was for the Greens’ representatives to decide whom to form a coalition with, in order to have a functioning government.

Miss Susan Dix
Upper Primary Teacher