Not Ashamed of the Gospel 2018

Not Ashamed of the Gospel 2018

Equipping students to share their faith

Students united in wanting to make a difference in their world

- CedarNews Term 2, Week 4

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There’s something special about seeing a room full of students united in wanting to make a difference in their world. This happened with the Not Ashamed Workshop.

This is a unique student-driven gathering of young people from eight different Christian schools across the State. Its purpose is to equip Christian students to own and communicate their faith in Jesus in meaningful ways. Chloe van Uitert and Isaiah Houlihan (our Faith and Fellowship Captains), our Chapel Band, and a large team of Cedar students, hosted and led 220 others throughout the day.

The electives taught students how to personally explain their faith, how to start positive movements in their schools, how to build strong and healthy friendships, and how to care well for others on social media. We also heard about the student-led activities that are happening in each school and spent time brainstorming what students can do to bring the light and good news of the gospel of Jesus to their friends. The workshop finished with students from all schools praying for each other and singing boldly to God together. It was a very encouraging day, seeing so many young people transformed by the good news of Jesus and wanting to spread it.

“I loved connecting with people from other schools who had the same mission as me. I wish it could have gone longer!”

“There was such a good atmosphere, no reason to be shy or timid, we were all there for God!”

“I got practical ways that I can talk deeper with my friends about their feelings and struggles.”

“I liked how we were able to hear about the incredible truths that God provides, and were also given the opportunity to connect with people from other schools.”

“I really liked the interactive/brainstorming/sharing times with the other schools, to hear what
they thought.”

“It gave me helpful, and extremely practical ways to be open about my gospel faith. I also loved how we got to talk about and hear other opinions on issues from people at different schools.”

Pastor Jeremy Wright, Cedar College Pastor