A Night of Drama

A Night of Drama

Year 9 & 11 Creative Arts Performances of “Rapunzel”

Year 9 and Year 11 students present their versions of Rapuzel

- CedarNews Term 2, Week 6

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Parents and friends of Year 9 and Year 11 Drama students recently enjoyed a night of drama in the Creative Arts Centre.

Both classes presented versions of the classic tale “Rapunzel”, but with very distinctive flavours. 

The Year 11 production was written by the Drama students themselves, and was full of ‘Tim Burton’ references—a subverted version of a classic fairytale. The assessment piece has been inspired by ‘German Expressionism’ and pays homage to the gothic horror tradition of storytelling. The play explores the idea of lost identities and follows Rapunzel, Prince Fredrick and Pandora on their journey to self discovery. 

Unlike the original Disney film version of Rapunzel, The Bald and the Beautiful draws the audience into a maze of dark secrets and dysfunctional relationships. 

The Year 9 version, “Rapunzel Uncut”, was a comical re-telling, which descended into a slapstick comedy as tempers frayed and the frustrations of the two narrators, who held differing accounts of the story, boiled over!

As an ensemble, the Year 9s combined their collective skills to work both behind the scenes and as performers, in order to construct a solid and humorous production for the audience. 

The evening showcased the skills of the Drama students in all aspects of theatre – writing, acting, set, sound, makeup, costume and direction, and was a great opportunity for parents and friends to enjoy the fruits of the students’ hard work.