Bradman Rules the Roost

Bradman Rules the Roost

A fun and colourful Junior Primary Sports Day

Junior Primary Sports Day

- CedarNews Term 4, Week 4

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Bradman Rules the Roost

Not even the wind and rain could stop BRADMAN steaming ahead for a win, finishing on a massive 1316 points. Jackson followed in a close 2nd, being behind by only 24 points!

But really, Sports Day is about the Cedar family community celebrating each other and the way God has made our bodies to move – and move they did!

Cowboys and Chickens

From learning the tough coordination skills of long jump to Robbing Nests and Chucking Chickens, the students and even parents had a great time. The ‘Git Up’ station was a hot favourite and saw us boot scootin’ and cowboy shuffling to keep us moving, improving our fitness and flexibility – shout out to the fantastic Year 6 Dance team!

Our day wouldn’t have been as successful without the help of so many dedicated staff and volunteers. A big thank you to our Grounds staff, Front Office staff and the CityReach Church team for supporting our day, with all of those extra things from set up to lunch!

Congratulations to the Bradman House and to all the students who achieved personal bests!


Mrs Amy Webster,  Junior Primary PE Teacher