Term 4 Week 4 - 2019



Term 4, Week 4



An Education from R-12

The busyness of Term 4 is upon us, and graduations and celebrations are only a few weeks away! In this issue, our Director of Curriculum takes a look at 21st Century Education, and we also celebrate the achievement of a number of Cedar students.

Year 12 Chapel

We farewelled our Year 12 students in Week 2, and their final exams are now underway.  To celebrate their final week, we held a special combined Chapel – see the photos and details here.

Fun and Colour at Sports Day

The Junior Primary students thoroughly enjoyed their Sport Day at the end of Week 2. It was wonderful to see so many parents and friends join us on the day –  See some of the photos, and read more here.

Mr Peter Thomson, Principal


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21st Century Learning

What’s the future for SACE and ATARs?

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Bradman Rules Roost

Chickens & Cowboys at Junior Primary Sports Day

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Final Year 12 Chapel

Primary School and High School pray together

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Year 11s learn to PARTY

Thought provoking actions and consequences

The Front Page

Director of Curriculum


21st Century Learning

I was fortunate enough to attend a conference recently where Professor Martin Westwell, the Chief Executive of the SACE Board, was one of the guest speakers.

One of the themes of the day, and certainly Westwell’s speech, centred around the future of education. Indeed, 21st Century Learning is currently a popular discussion point in education, as we continue to ask the question: What will it take for humans to be successful into the future?

No Simple Solutions 

Professor Westwell explained that there wasn’t a simple answer to this question and used a clip from a recent documentary to illustrate this point. The documentary involved experts from various fields discussing what is most important for young people to learn.

The Information Technology expert claimed that it was all about coding, and that young people must learn to code in order to achieve success into the future. The Business Leader then expresses his opinion that young people don’t need to know how to code, they just need to be able to work with programs to produce what society needs. The Artificial Intelligence expert disagrees with each of them, suggesting that success in the future will be tied to young people becoming better human beings, so that they can use technology and artificial intelligence for the greater good. The Information Technology expert asks him how we make young people better human beings, and he laughs, and offers nothing further.

Beyond the ATAR 

This highlights the uncertainty that can exist within education, and why different countries, and often States or Territories within the same country, approach education very differently. One thing that is certain, however, is that one of the methods used to currently gauge success within the Senior years is under review. A recent report titled Beyond ATAR: A Proposal for Change (O’Connell, Milligan and Bentley, 2019) presents a compelling case for Universities to change their admissions processes to consider further evidence of the progress and potential of learners, beyond a single numerical ATAR. Coupled with this is the need for schools to provide information, in addition to A-E grades, most likely within the form of a Learner Profile that outlines student progress within a range of capabilities deemed important for future success.

These changes are unlikely to be a quick process; however, we are certainly committed at Cedar to making the transition from school to either work or further study as successful as possible for our students, now and into the future.


Mr Tim Maddern, Director of Curriculum

Art & Design Exhibition

Year 12 and Senior School Exhibition

Opening Tuesday November 12, 2019, 4pm – 5:30pm

in the Cedar College Resource Centre 

215-233 Fosters Road, Northgate

Cedar College students, their family and friends, Cedar College staff, and the CityReach Community are welcome to attend. Light refreshments and live music provided.

Week 4 News and Notices

Student Free Days, Term 4

Please note that Friday December 6 is a Student Free Day for all students.

The final day for High School students is Thursday December 5, and for Primary School students is Wednesday December 11.

2019 Year Books

One copy of the 2019 Cedar College Year Book will be available for each family (usually the youngest child) on the final Primary School day of Term 4 – Wednesday December 11 . High School students may come in on this day to collect their book, otherwise they will receive it on Get Ready Day. Additional copies may be ordered from the Primary School Office, at a cost of $15 each. Year 12 students will each receive their own copy.

End of Year Graduations and Awards Evenings

Please take note of the following dates and times for upcoming graduations and awards & celebration evenings. Due to seating capacity in the Auditorium, some events will be issued with tickets in order to be fair to all families.

Year 12 Graduation and Awards Presentation Night – Thursday November 21, from 7pm

Junior Primary Celebration Evening – Tuesday December 3, from 6:30pm

Year 9 Graduation – Thursday December 5, from 7pm

Year 6 Graduation and Upper Primary Celebration Evening – Tuesday December 10, from 6:30pm

Term 4 Canteen Menu

Please note that the final day for lunch orders will be Monday December 9 (Week 9). The Canteen will not be taking lunch orders on the final day of school (December 11).

School Banking

For students who take part in the CommBank School Banking program, please be aware that the last day for school banking will be Thursday 21st November (Week 6).

Student Achievement

It has been exciting to see our Cedar students excel in a range of areas recently. We would like to congratulate the following students on their recent achievements:

Year 12 student, Tia, competed in the Oceania Cycling Championships in Invercargill, New Zealand. Competing in four events over four days. Tia received a bronze medal in the Team Sprint, placed 5th with a new PB in the individual 500m Time Trial, 6th in the Keirin, and brought home another bronze medal in the Sprint. This was a fantastic effort, and as a school, we are extremely proud of her achievements.

Jayden (Year 12) and Tahlia (Year 11), both competed in the VIVA SA All Schools Games this weekend. Jayden won both the 100m & 200m, while Tahlia performed well in the high jump, hurdles and 100m – an awesome effort!

Hannah, Year 9, was a finalist in the 2020 Fringe Schools Poster Competition, announced last Tuesday, and met with the judges at the official unveiling last week.

Zoe, Year 11, was the guest speaker at a recent Women’s and Children’s Hospital Auxiliary Conference. She spoke brilliantly and received a standing ovation.

Ben, Year 9, recently competed in the National Judo Titles, wining the silver medal in the U16 50kg weight division – another great effort!

Dates this Term

TERM DATES 2019/20

Term 4 – Tue 15 Oct – Wed 11 Dec

Term 1, 2020 – Tue 28 Jan – Thu 9 April

Term 2, 2020 – Tue 28 April – Fri 26 June

We will continue to have a three week break between Term 2 & 3

Term 3, 2020 – Tue 21 July – Fri 25 Sept


Regular opening hours during Term:

Monday 8:30am – 4:30pm

Wednesday 3pm – 5:30pm

Thursday Extended Opening Hours:

TERM 2 – Weeks 1-3, 3pm – 5.30pm

TERM 4 – Weeks 1-3, 3pm – 5.30pm


The Primary School Assemblies and Chapels are held on Fridays at 8:55am. Parents and caregivers are welcome to attend, and tea & coffee is available beforehand in The Terrace. Odd weeks are Chapel.

Week 4 – Year 5

Week 6 – Year 6

Week 8 – Student Free Day

Primary School News

Bradman Rules the Roost

“Everywhere we go, people want to know …who won the 2019 Junior Primary Sports Day?”

Not even the wind and rain could stop BRADMAN steaming ahead for a win, finishing on a massive 1316 points. Jackson followed in a close 2nd, being behind by only 24 points!

But really, Sports Day is about the Cedar family community celebrating each other and the way God has made our bodies to move – and move they did!

Cowboys and Chickens

From learning the tough coordination skills of long jump to Robbing Nests and Chucking Chickens, the students and even parents had a great time. The ‘Git Up’ station was a hot favourite and saw us boot scootin’ and cowboy shuffling to keep us moving, improving our fitness and flexibility – shout out to the fantastic Year 6 Dance team!

Our day wouldn’t have been as successful without the help of so many dedicated staff and volunteers. A big thank you to our Grounds staff, Front Office staff and the CityReach Church team for supporting our day, with all of those extra things from set up to lunch!

Congratulations to the Bradman House and to all the students who achieved personal bests!


Mrs Amy Webster,  Junior Primary PE Teacher


Whole School News

Farewell Year 12s

At the end of Week 2, our Year 12s celebrated their final days at school with a special Chapel service on Thursday, followed by a breakfast and Fun Day on Friday.

During the course of the year, each of the Primary School classes pray for and encourage a number of Year 12 students, as they progress throughout the year.

Prayerful Connections

The Year 12 students visit their Primary School prayer class at various times throughout the year, as a way to connect with the younger students, and keep them up to date with what is happening in their school life.

A Special Card

At the conclusion of the Year 12 Chapel, each Primary School class presented their Year 12 students with a special card, often themed especially for each student, filled with notes from the whole class.

The 67 Year 12 students were also encouraged by Cedar Chaplain, Pastor Jeremy Wright, to put their trust and reliance in Jesus, rather than the people or things that the world offers, knowing that Jesus will never let us down. Our prayers continue to be with them as they sit their final exams and prepare for life after school.


Senior School News

The P.A.R.T.Y Program

P.A.R.T.Y is the abbreviated name of the “Prevent Alcohol and Risk-related Trauma in Youth” program.

Our Year 11 students spent time last term with various trauma services at the Lyell McEwin Hospital, meeting the people that care for trauma patients – paramedics, doctors, nurses, organ donation co-ordinators, allied health professionals and volunteers.

Through DVD and Powerpoint presentations, interviews with patients and real-life clinical scenarios, our students learned about the realities of the journey of a trauma patient. They learnt about trauma injuries, and had a hands-on experience of some of the equipment used in trauma care and rehabilitation.

First-hand Experience

At the end of the day, students met a trauma injury survivor, Nick. Nick talked about the choices and events that led to his injury, and what his life is like now. Students were given an opportunity to ask Nick questions and learn about what life is like after a serious injury.

The program involved a full day schedule based at the Lyell McEwin Hospital, with the feedback from students being both positive and thought provoking. Some of the students’ comments were:

“The most important thing I learnt today is that one small action can lead to serious consequences e.g. going a little faster when driving.”

 “I learnt about how one decision can change your life and the importance of speaking up in a situation in which you feel unsafe.”

 “I realise that there is so much to be grateful for, and we really have to be careful when making decisions.”

 “Every choice has a consequence”