Think, Design, Makerspace

Think, Design, Makerspace

Bringing collaboration, thinking and design together.

Think, Design, Makerspace

- CedarNews Term 1, Week 10

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Makerspaces (sometimes called Hackerspaces) are springing up in both public libraries and school libraries. They can take many forms and the activities can be either “high-tech” or “low-tech”. The purpose of a Makerspace is to encourage Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) skills and design thinking.

At Cedar we have set up a new Makerspace for Primary and High School to use. At the moment it is being used for lunch time electives by the Middle School Technology/Robotics Club and Senior Makerspace Club.

This term, the Year 6s have enthusiastically participated in the One Hundred Cup Challenge. This challenge, to build the highest tower in five minutes, was a test of endurance, patience and skill. It was an opportunity to collaborate, use design thinking, and develop a “growth mindset”.

We are hoping that the Makerspace will continue to develop, gain interest and be a catalyst to undertake cross-curriculum, inquiry learning at Cedar.