High School Sports Day

High School Sports Day

Bradman Wins Sports Day by a Single Point

Bradman Wins Sports Day by a Single Point!

- CedarNews Term 1, Week 8

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The High School Sports Day was held on Friday March 11 on the Vickers Vimy Oval.

A small army of staff and student helpers gathered before 7.30am to begin setting up shade tents and event equipment for the day’s activities. Students arrived dressed in their coloured polo shirts and, in many cases, face-paint, ribbons and other decorations to show their allegiance.

After the Tug of War, students settled in to the track and field events with great enthusiasm despite the slightly humid conditions. The day was a good blend of fun and mass participation, with events such as the tunnel ball and water balloon relay, but also fierce competition between Houses. Before the final 4×100 relay events, only a handful of points separated the teams, with Bradman House emerging victorious by just one point! We also had a tie for 3rd place with Gould and Laver on equal points!

Well done to all students for creating such a positive, enthusiastic school spirit on the day. Thanks also to our ground staff who put in many hours of work, particularly before the carnival in preparing for Sports Day; a great display for all our neighbourhood to see.

Fina Scores: Bradman 1236, Jackson 1235, Gould 1095, Laver 1095.

Trophy winners: U13 Girls: Shae, U13 Boys: Daniel, U14 Girls: Taylor, U14 Boys: Jake, U15 Girls: Jemima, U15 Boys: Clinton V, U16 Girls: Brooke, U16 Boys: Connor, Open Girls: Denise, Open Boys (tie): Reuben and Brayden.