Taste of Australia

Taste of Australia

Contemporary Australian tastes form centrepiece of Year 12 Food & Hospitality menu.

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Taste of Australia

The kitchen heated up during Week 8, with the Year 12 Food & Hospitality students catering for two events as part of their curriculum requirements.

To prepare for the event, the Food & Hospitality students in Year 12 examined contemporary food trends and drew inspiration from our native Australian ingredients. Students combined Indigenous ingredients and Aussie favourites to create a mix of food flavours and recipes.

Students brainstormed ways they could show their appreciation to the Cedar College staff for all their support over their time in school. They settled on a staff morning tea with hints of Australiana flavours, showcasing some of the wonderful Australian produce we are fortunate to be able to enjoy. Staff were offered a selection of scones, lamingtons, accompanied by a selection of jams and curds, wattle seed biscuits and mini meat pies, as well as range of cheese and dips.

Legendary Lunch

The Year 12 students also wanted to find a way to say thank you to our school “Legends” who volunteer their time every week and make many things happen behind the scenes. The group of volunteers were treated to a multi-course lunch following the same Australiana theme, consisting of some reimagined favourites. A delicious menu was served, which included Karkalla, bush tomato and Davidson plum.

Mrs Laura Stanley, Year 12 Food & Hospitality Teacher