Space to Learn

Space to Learn

New outdoor learning and collaborative spaces coming to the Upper Primary.

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Making Space for Learning

I recently shared some wonderful news with our Upper Primary families regarding an exciting development at Cedar College.

Cedar students love outdoor spaces, not just for break and play times but also for learning and collaborative tasks. The Upper Primary teachers and Leadership Team have been eager to provide an engaging outdoor environment in which our students can both work and play.

In 2022, a shade canopy was installed between the classrooms, greatly enhancing the Upper Primary area. Since then, students have been thoroughly enjoying its benefits. Now, a new development is set to further maximise the potential of this space, offering even more opportunities for students to utilise and appreciate the shaded area.

Space to Learn and Play

Last year, we applied for a Government Grant to upgrade our outdoor learning spaces, which we have now received and are very grateful for. During this time, we have been working with a landscape architect from LCS to design and build four new outdoor learning spaces in the Upper Primary undercover area between the classroom blocks. The area has been carefully designed to promote engaging and collaborative working spaces, as well as seating for eating and relaxing during recess and lunch times.

You may have noticed our Cedar Maintenance Team clearing the Upper Primary garden area last week, which is now fenced off. LCS will now be commencing construction on the first part of the project, which will be completed in two stages. Stage 1 will see the area in front of the Year 3 and 6 classrooms replaced, and Stage 2 will be the area in front of the Year 4 and 5 classrooms.

I am excited to see this project unfold and see the many benefits it will provide for our students.

Mrs Melody Birch, Director of Upper Primary