Year 12 Turning Point

Year 12 Turning Point

Year 12 Retreat focuses on connections and creating positive “Turning Points” for 2024.

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A “Turning Point” for Year 12s

Week 1 was a whirlwind adventure for our Year 12s as they geared up for a camp full of turning points. Here’s what they had to say about this unforgettable experience!

“The Year 12 Retreat was a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with classmates and share our aspirations for Year 12. My favourite was tree-climbing as it built trust among our teammates.” – Kavya 

“One of my favourite moments was cleaning up after dinner, as much as that sounds horrible. My team and I didn’t let such a boring job stop us from having fun, singing and dancing, which brought smiles and laughter to the kitchen despite washing dishes.” – Caitlin 

“One of the most memorable parts of the retreat for me was when we had the “Girl’s Night In”. We got to spend time together as girls, reading the Bible, playing games, and fostering relationships.” – Zaneta 

“Year 12 camp was an unforgettable experience filled with adventure, fun, and personal growth. Evenings were spent helping with meals, washing dishes (so fun), laughter, and preparation for Year 12. It was a memorable time, and created lifelong memories that will be cherished for years to come.” – Jess 

“Our retreat theme was ‘Turning Points’. A highlight was the prayer session where students had the opportunity to bring before God in prayer their hopes and worries for the year ahead. This was a wonderful way to start off the year and helped give students a sense of peace for the future year.” – Talia 

“Throughout the camp we indulged in fun activities such as tree climbing, zip lining, frisbee golf, laser tag, and my personal favourite – Challenge Hill. One which I struggled with was the hanging ropes over the river at Challenge Hill in which I fell face first into the river (lucky it was a hot day!)” – Eric

“My highlight of camp was definitely the prayer time that Talia and I, the Faith and Fellowship Prefects ran. Seeing so many people show up to pray for each other and the year ahead was a truly beautiful thing to witness.” Elmeirra