Sensational Student Symphonies

Sensational Student Symphonies

Primary students create an Orchestra

Upper Primary Music - Student Symphonies

- CedarNews Term 1, Week 10

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The Upper Primary Music classes became very creative, interactive and collaborative last week, with a special visit from Madin Music.

Each Upper Primary class spent time learning how to play the both traditional and whacky musical instruments, as they put together a performance for later in the day.  

The amazing “Dingboxes” allowed students to create gentle bell tones by stomping their feet on the boxes in different patterns. This melody was accompanied by other students playing drums, cymbals and marimbas, to create an amazing symphonic sound.

Students also had the opportunity to play the Echocellos, resembling a violin-like instrument, to put together a beautiful orchestral performance of Pachelbel’s “Canon in D” and Johann Strauss’ “The Blue Danube”. Other favourites during the music concert were “The Macarena” and the Dingbox version of “Heart and Soul”. Perhaps the most intriguing instruments of the day were the Musical Bikes, which required students to pedal and change “gears” in order to create the different musical notes.

The final concert, after lunch, allowed the students to watch each class performance and enjoy the amazing songs which they had learned and practised during an exciting day of musical exploration.