Students Study Earth’s Future

Students Study Earth’s Future

Science Week looks at Planet’s issues

Students Study Earth's Future

- CedarNews Term 3, Week 4

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This year’s theme for Science Week is “Future Earth”, with students in the High School looking at a range of issues that our planet faces.!

The High School students have considered some of the problems faced if our planet is to exist into the future and be in a healthy state. Discussions have centred on poverty, sustainability, effective use of resources and how we can make a difference as individuals and collectively.

We know that God has put us on the earth “to tend and keep it” so we need to be good stewards of the resources he has provided and carefully look after the occupants of the planet, especially the human beings, as we are all made in the image of God.

Students suggested good ideas for projects to encourage less waste and benefit those in poverty. We considered that in science classes we learn valuable problem solving skills that will be an asset as we face difficulties regarding the future of our Earth.

Mrs Tracey Hopps, High School Science Coordinator