Innovation Ahead

Innovation Ahead

Changes attract more girls to Digital Technologies pathways

Innovation ahead for both girls and boys in Digital Technologies

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Innovation Ahead

The High School Digital Technologies department is undergoing a range of changes this year in an effort to engage more girls, along with boys, in the ever-changing field of Technology.

Changes to the Australian Curriculum have meant that the course previously known as Information Publishing and Processing (IPP) has been replaced with the new Film and Media curriculum, while Information Technology has become Digital Technologies, both offering exciting new challenges and opportunities.

Innovation Hub

The two classrooms that were known as Information Technology and IPP classrooms have been renamed as the Innovation Hub, for 2021. But more than just a name change, the Hub has also seen changes to the classroom layout and facilities. These modifications have been made in order to offer a more engaging and accessible experience, particularly for girls who may have previously been unsure about following a Technology pathway through High School.

High School Teacher, Mrs Trudi-Ann Wynn, has been instrumental in researching and establishing the Innovation Hub:

“The major grant we applied for was $40,000 of the Digital Literacy School Grants to set up an Innovation Hub using furniture and equipment that was mobile and encouraged continuity and participation with the new Digital Technology focus in the Australian curriculum. We researched techniques to enhance participation of girls in particular. What is important for all students, not just girls, is to know that the use of technology is in every field and there is an extreme demand for skilled IT workers. Our next steps are to assess the uptake of our new Film and Media courses in Year 10, and the Unity 3D environment at the senior level. We are now trialling a number of programs at Year 7, 8 and 9 levels, including Javascript, A-Frame HTML, HTML and CSS website design, and Unity 3D.

Creative Technologies

The revamped classrooms now feature colourful and flexible seating areas, with a focus on collaboration and innovation. Wireless technology means teachers are no longer behind the desk, but can move around the classroom while projecting, with the help of a portable podium. Some other changes taking place include removing the interior window frosting in order to open up the classrooms, allowing more High School students to see some of the exciting things that take place within the Digital Technologies curriculum.

To further showcase student work, a new screen has been installed outside the Hub, giving students a visual outlet for their creativity. The screen is already displaying a number of short films, created by students studying the new Film and Media course, with the goal to continue to attract more girls and boys to a consider the wide range of career options in the Technology sector.

We look forward to hearing more about how our students create and innovate throughout 2021!