Harmony Week 2024

Harmony Week 2024

Students unite for freedom, respect, fairness, democracy and equal opportunity.

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Harmony Week 2024

Throughout Week 8, students in the High School enjoyed many opportunities to learn about and celebrate Australia’s cultural diversity through their involvement in Harmony Week.

Over half of Australians were born overseas, or have at least one parent who was born overseas. Throughout the week, the High School enjoyed speakers from our community, old scholars, and student leaders, recognising that no matter where you come from, we’re all united by the Australian values of freedom, respect, fairness, democracy, and equal opportunity.

Students United 

Here’s what some of our student leaders had to say about Harmony Week:

“Harmony week offers students a unique opportunity which allows us to talk about the rich and diverse culture that makes up our school, our country and our world. These cultures all contribute to Australian society. Harmony Week allows us to take a step back so we can explore the diverse traditions, languages and customs, and to take some time to talk to friends about their culture and what their culture means to them.” – James

I see Harmony Week as an acknowledgment of inclusivity, unity, and diversity in our community. It is a good moment to acknowledge and value the diverse range of cultures, backgrounds, and beliefs that comprise our community. It serves as a reminder that we can all live in a more vibrant, fair, and peaceful society if we embrace diversity and collaborate harmoniously.” – Aymee

“To me, Harmony Week is a celebration of diversity, but it’s also a call to action. It’s a reminder that we must constantly work to foster deeper connections between groups and remove ideas that privilege some over others. During this week, I like to have meaningful discussions with friends and family about our various heritages. If we can build on respect and understanding between all people, that is the greatest harmony of all.” – Jess

“For me, Harmony Week represents the blend of diversity, inclusivity, and the many cultural backgrounds in Australia. Harmony Week is a great opportunity to foster unity and create a sense of belonging in our school community. I hope that we can all share special parts of our culture with our friends this week and build more empathy and respect for our cultural roots.” – Kavya