Term 3 Week 7 - 2019


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Term 3, Week 7



Flight, Food and Future Energy

The Primary School recently acknowledged the 100th anniversary of Sir Ross and Sir Keith Smith’s epic flight from England to Australia, in their Vickers Vimy aircraft.

Up, Up and Away

Students in the Primary School have enjoyed learning about the significance of the adventures of the Smith Brothers, 100 years ago. Primary students took part in their own paper plane air race, and our Year 12s also joined in the fun.  – read more here.

Campus Developments

There’s some exciting news on the building front, with not only our new Primary School building taking shape, but also an impressive solar energy array being installed.  – See the details here.

Fantastic Food

The annual Fusion Dinner was held this week, with a fantastic array of food. More importantly, students experienced a valuable learning time as they planned, prepared and served the 5-course meal. – See the photos, and read more here.

Mr Peter Thomson, Principal


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Students Take Flight

Students join the Great Paper Plane Air Race

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A Grand Event

400 Grandparents help to make learning Grand

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Going Solar

Good things are happening around the campus

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Annual Fusion Dinner

Students serve a vibrant Fusion menu

The Front Page

Head of Upper Primary


The Great Cedar College Air Race

Week 5 was bursting with exciting activities in the Primary School, and the final event of the week was the Great Cedar College Air Race.

The Air Race was Cedar’s way of celebrating the 100th anniversary of the first flight from England to Australia by Sir Ross Smith, Sir Keith Smith and mechanics, Wally Shiers and Jim Bennett.

A Brave Adventure 

The race took place in 1919, and was an amazing example of bravery and resourcefulness. These intrepid airmen faced many challenges while flying such a great distance, and their journey paved the way for the modern air flight we take for granted today.

Simply finding places to land was a challenge, as airfields weren’t common at all. Locals cut down trees in an effort to provide landing spaces, but neglected to remove the stumps, which caused obvious problems. Flying through clouds in mountainous areas with almost no visibility, freezing conditions and bogged landings were just a few of the challenges that the adventurers had to overcome. 

A Lesson in Flight

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of this intrepid air race, students in the Primary School enjoyed a history lesson in class, accompanied by a video and powerpoint presentation. The journey was also re-enacted by the Year 2 classes at Assembly, with a fantastic presentation of the famous event.

To finish the week, all students from Reception through to Year 6 competed in our very own Great Cedar College Air Race. Students had the opportunity to make their paper planes during lunch times, with the wonderful help and support of some of our Year 6 aircraft “engineers” (aka paper plane makers) Grant, Ethan, Alyssa, Abbey, Ishaan and William.

It was an exciting event! Every student who wanted to participate was able to launch their plane. The two winners were Deniz (Junior Primary) and Aaron (Upper Primary), whose planes flew an incredible distance. Our Year 12s also joined in the fun, with David taking out first place with the best overall flight. Of course, some of our teachers just couldn’t help themselves and had to have a go! Although Mr Klassen’s plane did well, it wasn’t enough to take first place, with Mr Peterson (High School Science teacher) giving the Primary School teachers a lesson in the art of paper plane flying.



Mr Nigel Austin, Upper Primary Co-ordinator

Week 7 News and Notices

Student Free Days – Term 3

Please note that Friday September 6 is our Student Free Show Day for all students.

Primary School Parent-Teacher Interviews

Optional Parent-Teacher Interviews for Primary School students will be held in Week 9, on Monday September 16 and Tuesday September 17.

As Term 3 interviews are OPTIONAL, you are only required to make a booking if you have specific concerns you need to discuss. Teachers may also request an interview if they have specific concerns about your child’s progress.

The optional interviews can be booked online via our Community Portal – the same online facility used in Term 1, which allows you to select and book your time(s) with a few simple clicks. 

Interviews take place in your child’s classroom and each interview slot is for 15 minutes only. Should this not be long enough, the teacher will organise another time to discuss any further issues with you. Should you have any particular concerns or questions you wish to discuss during your interview, you may send a message directly to your child’s class teacher via the Canvas message facility.

If you experience any problems when booking, or do not have Internet access, we invite you to contact the Primary School Office on 8261 3377, between 8am and 4pm, to book your interview time(s) over the phone. If you have any further questions regarding the above information, please don’t hesitate to contact the Primary School Office.

Enrolment Reminder

We appreciate and value each family at Cedar College, but also understand that situations can change for various reasons. If you are relocating, and your child will not be attending Cedar College next year, we ask that you please let the Enrolment Office know by the end of Term 3. Thank you.

Term 3 POSHC Holiday Program

The October POSHC Holiday Program and booking form is now available from our website. Click the link to download, or find it under Family Information > Documents for download.

Book Fair News

Thank you to the many parents who supported the Book Fair during Book Week. It was exciting to have over 100 parents come up to the Library to  view the art display and books for sale. We were able raise over $800 from the sale of books and other items, over the three days.

Year 12 Information

University (Undergraduate) dates

September 30, 2019 – due date for application fee payment $45 ($185 after this date). December 18, 2019 – change of preference for main offer round in January. December 21, 2019 – all offer round.

TAFESA dates

November 19, 2019 – complete course admission requirements for 29 November 2019 offer. November 27, 2019 – change of preference deadline for 29 November offer. November 29, 2019 – first round offer. January 8, 2020 – second round offer.


Student Achievement

We would like to congratulate a number of Cedar students who recently competed in the JudoSA South Australian School Championships.

Three Cedar College students received medals in their respective age divisions: James – silver, Ben – bronze, and Ethan – bronze. Congratulations on some great results!

Dates this Term


Term 3 – Wed 24 July – Fri 27 Sept

Term 4 – Tue 15 Oct – Wed 11 Dec

Term 1, 2020 – Tue 28 Jan – Thu 9 April

Term 2, 2020 – Tue 28 April – Fri 26 June

We will continue to have a three week break between terms 2 & 3


Regular opening hours during Term: 

Monday 8:30am – 4:30pm 

Wednesday 3pm – 5:30pm

Thursday Extended Opening Hours:

TERM 2 – Weeks 1-3, 3pm – 5.30pm

TERM 4 – Weeks 1-3, 3pm – 5.30pm


The Primary School Assemblies and Chapels are held on Fridays at 8:55am. Parents and caregivers are welcome to attend, and tea & coffee is available beforehand in The Terrace. Odd weeks are Chapel.

Week 7 – Student Free Day

Week 8 – Reception

Week 10 – Year 3

Primary School News

Great Grandparents

Cedar College was visited by over 400 grandparents and grandfriends, who enjoyed a range of items and activities, as we celebrated Grandparents Day, 2019.

Our grandparents were welcomed by our newly-formed Cedar College band, while they enjoyed a special morning tea.

This year our Principal, Mr Peter Thomson, joined the Grandparent Club, with the arrival of Max into their family. Our guests were delighted to see this very special little visitor take to the stage with Mr Thomson, in a delightful heart-melting moment.

A Grand Audience 

The students then presented their performances for their captivated audience, which included drama, poetry, songs and videos. The performances were certainly a highlight of the day, bringing much joy and laughter for our grandparents.

The on-stage performances were followed by the opportunity to spend time in the classroom, taking part in a number of fun activities.

On behalf of the staff I would like to thank all our grandparents who attended, we appreciate each and every one of you and look forward to your visit again next year!



Mrs Sarah Fernihough, Junior Primary Teacher

Building News

Campus Development

If you have been on the school property recently, you may have noticed an increased number of workers in fluorescent jackets, and a flurry of building activity.

We are excited to see the progress of two projects that are currently underway on campus.

Science, Art & CLIC

Beginning in Term 1 with the removal of one of the original school buildings, a new architecturally designed facility is currently being constructed to house our Primary School Science, Art and CLIC. The new structure features the same winged roofline design that has been a feature of our Administration and Creative Arts buildings. This unique design was inspired by the famous Vickers Vimy airplane, which landed near Cedar College 100 years ago.

Green Energy

The other major project currently underway is the installation of solar panels across the school.  Thanks to generous State Government Capital Grants totalling $200,000 and support from our bank, the school has been able to install a 199kW solar system to help offset the electricity needs of the school. An impressive solar panel array has been already been installed on the roof of the Sports Centre. Further panels are currently being installed on the Administration building and on the roof of the building that houses our High School Science Laboratories.

Mr Jeff Thorpe, Business Manager

Sports News

Football Carnivals

The recent round of SACSA AFL carnivals has seen some exciting matches for our boys and girls football teams.

Boys 8/9 SACSA Football

On Wednesday 21stAugust our Year 8/9 Boys Football Team participated in the SACSA Football Carnival. The team was competitive all day and recorded a stirring 21 point victory against Temple College in their final game of the day.

Angus was outstanding all day, kicking 10 goals. Nathaniel kicked two goals in our victory against Temple and was tireless in his efforts in the ruck. Mitchell was inspirational in the midfield, Ryan tried valiantly all day, and Aaron Smart repelled many opposition attacks from defence. Bailey, Ronit and Ben were also solid in defence, while Noah, Jack and Angelo were constant threats in our forward line.  Well done on your efforts boys!

Open Boys SACSA Football

On Wednesday 22ndAugust our Open Boys Football Team participated in the SACSA Football Carnival.  The team performed exceptionally well all day within Division One, recording three wins and one loss.

Lachie was outstanding all day, kicking 19 goals from the midfield. Our other goal scorers included Jake (5 goals) who was a constant threat up forward, Luke (2 goals), Antonio (1 goal) and Zack (1 goal). Clinton was fantastic through the midfield and in defence, and Jacob was impressive around the ground as well. Umberto, Luke and Luke impressed in the ruck and around the ground, while Brayden provided plenty of run from defence. Antonio, Zack and Jayce also tried tirelessly throughout the midfield and in our forward line. Well done on your efforts boys!

Mr Tim Maddern, Director of Curriculum

Girls 8/9 SACSA Football

The Year 8 and 9 girls came out with not a lot of football experience but an attitude of giving it a red-hot go. The first two games were tough, with the opposition dominating possession and our defence being constantly under pressure. Our only win of the day was against Endeavour 21-7. There was a lot of improvement throughout the day with Bethany and Tamsin providing good options up forward and rotating through the ruck. Nandini fought hard in the midfield with Ashlee providing some run. Caitlin and Lisa were solid in defence, working tirelessly all day. Well done girls for fighting hard all day with a smile on your faces!

Open Girls SACSA Football

Our first Open Girls match resulted in a draw, after being a few players down. Reinforcements soon arrived, however, and we recorded a win against Prescott Southern 19-7 and two hard fought losses, finishing in 4th place. The cross-over final against Investigator was a tight, low scoring contest. We went into the break with a one goal lead, but ended up losing by just one point in the last few minutes.

Caitlyn was outstanding all day, working hard in the midfield. Shae provided a lot of run out of the centre, getting the ball down to Charlotte and Maya in the forward line. Charlotte, Sophie and Siobhan were solid in defence, working well together all day. Congratulations on your effort, girls.

Miss Caitlin Sampson, High School PE Teacher

Senior School News

Fabulous Fusion Dinner

This year’s Fusion Dinner was a slightly smaller affair, with the Year 12 Food and Hospitality students planning and preparing a 5-course meal for 40 special guests.

The menu continued to be of high quality, with guests beginning the evening with a rustic antipasto platter of vegetables, cheeses, cured meats, fruit and dips, along with pre-dinner drinks.

A starter of golden, crunchy arancini balls was quickly followed up with a Panzanella bruschetta entrée, with fresh salad, cheese and prosciutto. The wait staff consisted of Year 10 students, who ably served courses and removed plates, as well as handling the kitchen cleaning duties.

The Main Event

The five Year 12 chefs continued the food service with a crowd-pleasing main course of Australian beef ribs with broccoli and parsnip puree. A final dessert course consisted of a staircase tart, believed to be made from a closely guarded secret recipe owned by Food & Hospitality teacher, Mrs Laura Stanley. Congratulations to all of the students involved for another stunning and delicious evening.