Term 1 Week 11 - 2020


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Term 1, Week 11



School Update - The Journey Ahead

This last two weeks have been a very busy and demanding time for all of our staff as they work toward creating…Online teaching and School on-site daily classrooms ready to go in Term 2.

Staff are spending many hours both day and night in meetings with leadership and each other as they put together programs to support your children both here at Cedar and at home.

There is so much we don’t know ahead of us and we need your support.

But here are a few things we do know:

  • We have an amazing supportive parent community. This means so much to us.
  • It’s going to be messy and that’s alright. Be forgiving and patient.
  • It is only for a season. (next year we will be back to normal)
  • We will not be able to deliver the standard of education that we have enjoyed in the past. (However, that won’t stop us from trying to achieve this)
  • This is going to put pressure and stress on both teachers and parents that they have never experienced before.
  • We will endeavour to assist any parents who are struggling financially, so please let us know.

Here are a few tips that might help you navigate through this difficult time.

  • Children thrive on routine and predictability, both of which are in short supply right now for families across the country and well beyond. Despite the uncertainty in the community, you still can try to foster an environment that includes as much routine and predictability as possible. 
  • Acknowledge for your children that it may be frustrating, disappointing, and sad that activities have been cancelled or postponed. It also may be worrisome and stressful because none of us are sure when the return to more typical routines will happen. Let your children know that it is okay to have these feelings, and the family is going to do its best to make the most of these changes.

For mums, dads and caregivers, these changes have likely turned your world upside down, without sufficient time to prepare. You can feel exasperated and worried even when you’re trying to make the most of these experiences.

Try and keep a consistent schedule

  • Sticking with a routine similar to the one practiced for typical school days will help make any return to school smoother, as well as give shape to each day. Try to keep your children’s morning and bedtime routines the same as if they were preparing for school. Keeping meal times the same also can help.
  • Create a daily schedule that is structured for your children. You can foster a sense of collaboration and control for them by creating a list of activities and allowing your children to pick when they happen. For example, your children can pick during which hour-long blocks of time they do math work, science work, reading, etc. Look also to the advice your teachers give you for this.
  • Be creative. Perhaps children can do a craft during art time, write a song that lasts 20 seconds to sing for future hand-washing music, see how many jumping jacks they can do or choreograph a dance for PE, and do improv skits for drama.
  • If more than one adult is at home or working from home, it might be helpful to coordinate your schedules as best you can to allow tag-team monitoring of your children’s schedule when needed.

Have a plan for screen time use

Screens will be in use more often now, due to online learning programs and virtual classrooms. If you have a screen time plan for your family, you still can keep that in place for the typical after-school hours. Your plan should focus on recreational screen time use, such as the use of video games. Review any screen time plan and limits with your family, to avoid potential attempts to negotiate and argue. 

Be creative with socialising

Technology now allows us to get creative with social interactions to help prevent loneliness, while still adhering to social distancing guidelines. You can schedule virtual playdates for your children and Facetime calls with family members during after-school hours. Platforms such as Zoom allow children to have virtual group hangouts, so there are still ways to remain connected to others while staving off loneliness. This differs from online games that allow users to interact with unknown players. It’s important to monitor any virtual interactions that your children are having, to make sure those on the other end are known and appropriate connections.

Remember that you are not alone; we are in this together and doing our part as a community to keep everyone as healthy as possible.


Mr Peter Thomson, Principal


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Year 12 Info Evening
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Year 12 Retreat
Details: Wednesday, Feb 3 to Friday, Feb 5 (all day)
Interschool SACSA Swimming Info Session (parents)
Details: Friday, Feb 5 From: 8:10 am - 8:30 am
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PS Learning Conversations
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SACSA Swimming Training Session
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PS Learning Conversations
Details: Tuesday, Feb 16 From: 3:30 pm - 7:00 pm
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Year 8 Immunisations
Details: Wednesday, Feb 24 (all day)
Year 12 Learning Conversations
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Year 9-12 Drama Excursion
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From the Principal

School Update

Letter from the Principal – The Journey Ahead

School looks a little bit different

Learning at Home

School has changed, but learning continues

100 Year Ago

Look, up in the Sky

It’s definitely a plane – what’s it all about?

Middle School fun

Year 7 Fun Day

Time out to relax, unwind and enjoy outdoors

The Front Page

[email protected]

The early Term 1 closure saw the College begin our learning at home strategies, which had been readied in the preceding weeks.

Primary School Learning

In the Primary School this meant opening the take-home learning bags and beginning the various activity sheets and learning exercises.

Teachers in the Primary School designed the packs to have enough work to last a period of two weeks. As the SA Government declared the last 4 days of Term 1 as pupil free days, the option to continue with the work in the pack is available to you, but there is no expectation for these to be completed at home this week.

Primary School staff are continuing to meet this week online, via conference and video calls, as they discuss and plan how next term will look for our community.

High School Online

In the High School, most lessons continued last week as per the normal timetable, with many held online via Zoom. Teachers also conducted lessons, posted materials, and answered questions and feedback via our Learning Management System, Canvas.

With the rapidly changing landscape, there are still many unknowns as to exactly what Term 2 will look like for schools. Much of this depends on the directives from the State and Federal Governments, and we will continue to provide updates to parents and caregivers during the holiday break.

More Than Lessons

As well as normal lessons, students in the Primary School and High School were able to take time out on Friday and watch their respective [email protected], thanks to Cedar College Pastor, Jeremy Wright, and some special guests.

With Easter fast approaching, both Chapels focused on the meaning of Easter, and it was encouraging to see that hundreds of students (and their families) were able to join in the online Chapel experience.

If you haven’t yet watched the Chapel video, the links were sent to students via Canvas, and can still be accessed and viewed.

Good Friday Online

If you’re not already connected to a church, feel free to join with CityReach Oakden for Good Friday online, at 10am, and Easter Sunday online, also at 10am. Services can be watched on Facebook Live and Youtube – Visit the CityReach Oakden website for details.

Week 8 News and Notices

Business Manager


To our School Community

We are all experiencing unprecedented times for our school community. 

Even though the Government is providing financial relief to families, the likes of which we have not seen since the Global Financial Crisis, the School Board understands that there will be families in our community that experience financial stress on their household budgets, each in a unique way, as a result of COVID-19.

Please Reach Out

If you are in a position where you are experiencing financial stress on your household budget, the School Board invites you to contact the Business Manager via [email protected] to have a confidential conversation about your unique situation. This will provide opportunity to discuss how the school is able to help you navigate your way through this season and remain a part of the Cedar College community.

Conversely, as a community, there may be those in a position who are able to help other families and are not sure of the best way to do this. If this is the case, the School Board would also invite you to contact the Business Manager to discuss the best way to achieve this.

Mr Jeff Thorpe, Business Manager

Dates this Term


Term 1, 2020 – Tue 28 Jan – Thu 9 April

Term 2, 2020 – Mon 27 April – Fri 26 June

We will continue to have a three week break between Term 2 & 3

Term 3, 2020 – Tue 21 July – Fri 25 Sept

Term 4, 2020 – Tue 13 Oct – Wed 9 Dec


Regular opening hours during Term:

Monday 8:30am – 4:30pm

Wednesday 3pm – 5:30pm

Thursday Extended Opening Hours:

TERM 2 – Weeks 1-3, 3pm – 5.30pm

TERM 4 – Weeks 1-3, 3pm – 5.30pm


Please note that our School Assemblies and Chapels, usually held on Fridays at 8:50am, have been suspended for the remainder of this Term.

Information regarding Assemblies and Chapels in Term 2 will be made available in due time.

Students will spend this time in their normal class groups.

Primary School News

100 Year Flyover

The 2KS/CW class were very excited in Week 9 when they witnessed a very special flyover to commemorate the landing of the famous Vickers Vimy and its crew, at Northgate, or Northfield as it was then called, 100 years ago.

You may recall how last year, Cedar College celebrated the 100 year Anniversary of the first flight from England to Australia by the courageous crew of Sir Ross Smith, Sir Keith Smith, Jim Bennett and Wally Shiers.

From Darwin to Northgate

After this amazing flight to Darwin, they were invited to visit many towns and cities. Of course, everybody wanted to meet these intrepid airmen and see the plane for themselves. As Ross and Keith were from Adelaide, they flew the plane back here and landed at the Harry Butler Aerodrome (near to where Cedar College is now situated), on March 23rd, 1920. People came from all around South Australia to witness this event, a remarkable feat considering the area was mostly country paddocks back then.

Amazing Machine

The Vickers Vimy plane is currently housed behind the Adelaide Airport, but is set to be moved to a more prominent position in the future. If you ever have the chance to look at it, take the opportunity, and be amazed that anyone would actually fly in it, let alone all the way from England!

Mrs Kerry Schlotfeldt, Junior Primary Teacher

High School News

Year 7 Fun Day

During Week 9, the Year 7s were scheduled to have their first High School camp, sadly this was not able to go ahead. This, however did not stop them from having lots of fun in the sun.

On the Thursday of Week 9, the Year 7s joined together for an afternoon of fun, food, frisbee golf, and photo scavenger hunts.

Out of the Classroom

Students worked in small teams, moving all over the school grounds playing frisbee golf and having a go at the photo scavenger hunt, designed by our wonderful Pastor Jeremy.

It was a great opportunity to get out of the classroom and into the beautiful Cedar grounds. The students were able to work and compete together in small groups, while still abiding by the physical distancing recommendations.

“I enjoyed the day so much, thank you for planning it, it makes me forget about missing camp and it was nice to just relax.” – Tiana 

As the afternoon progressed we saw the students and staff relax, laugh and generally enjoy each other’s company. It was a special day for all involved.

Miss Kerry Spriggs, Year 7 Co-ordinator