Term 1 Week 4 - 2020


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Term 1, Week 4



A Busy Start to 2020

This is our first online newsletter for 2020, which provides a fortnightly snapshot of what has been happening around the campus.

Fridays in Primary School

The Primary School meet together for Chapel or Assembly every Friday morning. Parents and friends can also join us for coffee, while we enjoy a fun morning together. Read more about Chapel here.

Preparing for Real Life

The Head of High School has some exciting news to share. Recent events included a Year 10 Career Pathways session, featuring Cedar graduates, and a Drama excursion to learn from an Emmy Award winning actor.

Mr Peter Thomson, Principal


Week 4 >>
Primary School Parent-Teacher Interviews
Details: Monday, Aug 10 From: 3:30 pm - 7:00 pm
Primary School Parent-Teacher Interviews
Details: Tuesday, Aug 11 From: 3:30 pm - 7:00 pm
Year 10 & 11 Subject Counselling
Details: Wednesday, Aug 12 (all day)
Year 8 Learning Conversations
Details: Wednesday, Aug 12 From: 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Year 10 & 12 Careers Expo
Details: Thursday, Aug 13 From: 11:45 am - 2:15 pm
Week 5 >>
Dentist Van
Details: Monday, Aug 17 (all day)
Year 5/6 SACSA Football Carnival
Details: Monday, Aug 17 (all day)
ICAS Science Competition
Details: Monday, Aug 17 (all day)
NEVZ Year 9/10 Basketball
Details: Monday, Aug 17 (all day)
Year 10 Bushwalk Day
Details: Tuesday, Aug 18 (all day)
Year 3/4 SACSA Football Carnival
Details: Tuesday, Aug 18 (all day)
Dentist Van
Details: Tuesday, Aug 18 (all day)
Year 7/8 SACSA AFL
Details: Wednesday, Aug 19 (all day)

Changes ahead for High School

High School Update

Some exciting changes coming in High School

Primary School Chapel

Learning in Chapel Times

Primary School Chapel is a time for students and parents

Navigating Career Pathways

Career Pathways

The Year 10 students have begun their PLP journey

Year 12 Camp

Preparing Ahead

Creating a purposeful start for Year 12 students

The Front Page

Head of High School


Exciting Changes Ahead

It has been an exciting start to the 2020 school year. I’d like to add my welcome to all of our new students (all 122 of you!) and families to the College and trust that you have experienced a smooth start within the first few weeks of the academic year.

Within the High School, our families were invited to our High School Information Evenings, held over two Mondays in Week 2 and 3. It was a blessing for our staff to meet you briefly, in order to convey relevant information regarding subject content and expectations. I do hope these evenings were helpful, and you were able to meet your child’s teacher face-to-face.

Senior News

The High School students received an update from our 2019 Thailand Service Trip team, at a recent Chapel (pictured), and were able to see how their fundraising efforts throughout the year has blessed so many children and families in Thailand. We are so proud of how our students and staff represented Cedar College during the Service Trip.

Our Year 12s are now heavily focused on their school work, with the realisation that this is their final year of school! They were very inspired by the meaningful presentations from the guest speakers at the Year 12 Camp, where there was also a real sense of community, and many opportunities for deep reflection on their individual futures.

More to come

There are a number of exciting things to come during 2020 in the High School. We look forward to beginning a significant building project that will provide a permanent and modern facility for High School CLIC (Cedar Learning improvement Centre) as well as some additional teaching spaces.

Cedar Cup

This week, we are launching our revamped House competition to the High School. After reviewing our previous system, and after much work, we have developed the Cedar Cup – a House competition which incorporates and values a broad spectrum of High School experiences, and which every student can contribute to. High School families will hear more about this exciting initiative very soon.

As we progress further into the school year, we look forward to partnering with you, our school community, as we educate our young people in 2020!

Mr Andrew Lock, Head of High School

Week 4 News and Notices

Public Holidays – Term 1

Monday March 9 – Adelaide Cup Public Holiday

Friday April 10 – Good Friday Public Holiday

House Team Shirts

If your student is new to the school or has outgrown their current House team coloured shirt you will need to order a new shirt through the QKR! App in time for the upcoming High School and Upper Primary Sports Days. 

High School students require a coloured polo shirt and Upper Primary students wear a coloured T-shirt. Orders should be placed by Friday 21st February, in order to arrive in time.

School Tours – Week 6

Please be aware that School Tours will be held in Week 6 for prospective parents, which will impact morning drop-off and parking on Tuesday March 3 and Wednesday March 4. Parking restrictions will apply in the Sports Centre car park, to provide spaces for visiting families.

Uniform Shop

The Uniform Shop will be open on Thursdays until Week 6, from 3pm – 5.30pm, in addition to the normal Monday & Wednesday trading hours.

Please ensure that all uniform items are clearly named, this provides the best chance for any lost property to be returned.

Sibling Enrolments

A reminder that it is the responsibility of all parents/caregivers to lodge any sibling enrolment forms in a timely manner, which in most instances is three years prior to the proposed starting year. While we do give priority to sibling enrolments, this is only possible when the appropriate application form is lodged in time, as many year levels fill three years prior. Please speak to our Enrolment Officer, Lara, for further information.

Planning Ahead for 2021

Please note that we have updated our Term 1 dates for next year, 2021.

We have decided to follow a recent change by the Department for Education for 2021. Due to the Australia Day holiday on Tuesday January 26, students will return on Wednesday January 27, 2021. Monday January 25, 2021 will be a Student Free Day.

Navigator Drive Entrance

The Navigator Drive entrance, car park and Kiss & Drop zone are often extremely busy, particularly at the end of the day. It is important to remember that vehicles must not stop on the roundabout, to prevent gridlock. The Port Adelaide Enfield Council provides a brochure outlining the rules when parking in and around schools, which is available for download here.

For the safety of all students, please ensure you adhere to the 10km/h speed limit at all times in the carpark and when entering the property. 

Kiss & Drop

Please be aware that the visitor car park, adjacent to the Admin building, may not be used as a Kiss & Drop area. These areas do not have teachers on duty and for safety reasons are not available as a drop-off/pick-up area at the beginning or end of the school day. These limited parks are in place for the many visitors that arrive throughout the school day, or for collecting students during the day for appointments.

Fosters Road Crossing

The flashing 25kmph lights operate between 8am – 8:50am and 3:10pm – 3:45pm, Monday to Friday. Outside of these times, pedestrians do not have priority and should only cross if it is safe to do so.

At all times, pedestrians should only cross when it is safe to do so, and NEVER ASSUME that a driver has seen them or will stop for them.

stop look listen think

Dates this Term


Term 1, 2020 – Tue 28 Jan – Thu 9 April

Term 2, 2020 – Tue 28 April – Fri 26 June

We will continue to have a three week break between Term 2 & 3

Term 3, 2020 – Tue 21 July – Fri 25 Sept

Term 4, 2020 – Tue 13 Oct – Wed 9 Dec


Regular opening hours during Term:

Monday 8:30am – 4:30pm

Wednesday 3pm – 5:30pm

Thursday Extended Opening Hours:

TERM 2 – Weeks 1-3, 3pm – 5.30pm

TERM 4 – Weeks 1-3, 3pm – 5.30pm


The Primary School Assemblies and Chapels are held on Fridays at 8:50am. Parents and caregivers are welcome to attend, and tea & coffee is available beforehand in The Terrace. Odd weeks are Chapel.

Week 4 – Year 2

Week 6 – Year 4

Week 8 – Year 1

Primary School News

Growing Strong

The Primary School Chapels and Assemblies are a highlight each week, as we come together to learn, be encouraged, sing and have plenty of fun!

It has been exciting to see many parents and friends join us in the Auditorium on Friday mornings for coffee, and to see what each class has been learning, as they host the assembly. It’s certainly exciting for the students to have family and friends there to encourage them.

Fun in Chapel

The Primary School Chapel, which takes place every second week, includes drama, video, games and other skits such as puppet plays, to teach about God and the Bible. In Week 3 Chapel, students took part in a fun game to find out who was the strongest, with Mr Austin pretending to be a weightlifter and arm wrestling a Reception student!

Real Strength

The Bible talks about being strong in a different way. The story of Zaccheus is about a man whose life was changed after meeting Jesus. He had a new strength of character, and wanted to put things right that he had previously done wrong. Having strength of character, through Jesus, is much more important than having a strong body, and is something that we can all work towards, no matter how little or big we are.

Career Pathways

Year 10 Career Pathways

This week, our Year 10 Personal Learning Plan (PLP) students were privileged to have some first-hand insight into various careers.

Graduates return

It was exciting to have two of our graduates, Hannah Bruse and Luke Whittaker, along with other industry experts, Thomas Schmidt, Matthew Swinburne and Simone Venning, talk about their career pathways through school, tertiary study and what their jobs entail. Our students heard about careers in Architecture, Commerce, Construction Management, Design, Engineering and Nursing.

There were common themes from each speaker, which included: know how to study; school subject choices are important; it’s a big leap from school to tertiary study; find out about alternative pathways; employability skills (such as communication and teamwork) are vital for every job; and you are not ‘locked in for life’ with whatever pathway is chosen when you leave school.

Preparing for real life

As PLP is about exploring life after school, our Year 10 students will attend a Career Expo and undertake a week of Work Experience during Term 2. Also, part of PLP involves preparing a résumé and cover letter, and participating in mock interviews.

These are all great opportunities for our students, helping them navigate their career pathways.

Mrs Bronwen Burleigh, Pathways Co-ordinator

Drama News

Learning from a Screen Legend

The Stage 1 Drama students recently enjoyed an evening with the highly acclaimed actor, David Suchet, at the Festival Theatre in Adelaide.

Emmy Award Winner

David Suchet has captivated millions worldwide as Agatha Christie’s elegant Belgian detective, Poirot, a role he has played for over 25 years. Beyond his highly recognisable role as Poirot, this Emmy award winning and multi Olivier nominated actor has received recognition for his portrayal of iconic roles such as Cardinal Benelli, Lady Bracknell, Freud, and many more.

The students thoroughly enjoyed this insightful glimpse behind the screen, and curtain, with this acting legend, and were greatly inspired as actors and students.

I have no doubt, these fortunate students will remember this special excursion for many years to come!

Mrs Anna Briggs, High School Drama Teacher

Senior School News

Steps to Success

Following their final school camp, a number of our Year 12 students reflected on the time spent away and how it has helped them prepare for the year ahead.

Camp begins

“After a 40 minute bus ride, the Year 12s hopped off and surveyed their surroundings. In the distance, “The Big Wedgie” could be seen and, just beside it, a high ropes course. It was clear to see that the next few days would be exhilarating and thrilling – though the students also hoped that the resulting discomfort of the “world’s tallest inflatable waterslide” wouldn’t be too much of an issue.” – Lynette Feliciano

Exciting activities

“Of course we didn’t just laze around on the couch all day, there were too many fun activities to do! On the first day, after lunch (and some free time) we walked a short distance to the location of a large inflatable slide called “The Big Wedgie”. It was 18 metres tall, and it was a lot of fun to go on, although it was very tiring going up to the top after the 30th time.” – Ben Allen

Important goals ahead

“The camp’s theme: ‘Proximity’, allowed us to consider why we were here, and our purpose in life as we transition into the ‘real world’. We even had the opportunity to plan and set goals for the year ahead, considering what we need close (in proximity) to us throughout the year, such as God, friends, and sleep!

For me, the highlight was being part of a prayer group that happened one night, which helped in setting myself up spirituality this year, with the presence and support of others. This, and many more moments, helped create one of best school camps and an excellent start to Year 12!” – McKenna Paull