Wonderful Start for Receptions

Wonderful Start for Receptions

A look at what is happening in the Junior Primary this term.

From the Junior Primary Co-ordinator

- CedarNews Term 1, Week 6

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From the Junior Primary

Our Wednesday rest days have helped the children to make a smooth transition to school, however we are now looking forward to having the children at school every day.


Adventures Ahead!

We have many new adventures ahead, as we learn and experience new things together. In Week 4 we enjoyed a Teddy Bears’ Picnic with our new Year 5 buddies, and we’re looking forward to learning more with them throughout the year. This week we will be going on our first school excursion to Northgate Reserve where we will be exploring our surroundings and collecting little treasures from nature to stick onto “nature crowns”. We are all particularly excited about this special day.


Nature Play

We are also excited about the re-opening of the Junior Primary Nature Play area near our classrooms. This area has been out of action for a number of weeks while we waited for the construction of a safety fence around the new building site. The Nature Play space has had to be reconfigured for 2019, and we are now able to enjoy the added benefit of activities on the shaded grass area, under the large trees. The new building will, no doubt, be under way soon and we will be able to watch the construction progress closely from the windows of our classrooms.


Coming in 2020

The new building will include spaces for Science and Art, as well as our Cedar Learning Improvement Centre (CLIC), and also some new toilet facilities. These toilet facilities will greatly benefit the new Reception children each year, as they will be directly opposite our classrooms, allowing them to stay close by during class time. We look forward to enjoying everything the new building has to offer in 2020!

Mrs Sharlene Tirimacco, Junior Primary Co-ordinator