Middle School students

A Quick-Start guide to Middle School

We are really looking forward to your young person starting Middle School at Cedar College. This is a very exciting time for students as they move into the next stage of their schooling. As we commence the year, here are some tips that will help you get started.

Starting Middle School

Year 7s will gather on the Gazebo lawns, similar to Welcome Day, to get their nametag and say goodbye to their parents. Students will then move to their home base for the day. It can feel like there is a lot to bring to school on the first day. If there are items that don’t fit in the school bag, a second carry bag may be helpful.

During the first day, the Year 7s will undertake activities to continue forming connections with peers and staff. Students will receive help in understanding their timetables, and how to set up their lockers. Subject specific lessons will occur later in the week. 

Download the Year 7 Quick Start Guide here

Middle School Information

Download the complete Year 7 Quick Start document here.

Combination Locks for Lockers

Using the combination lock can be a little tricky at first. The lock supplied in the book pack will be used for securing students lockers – we don’t allow the use of alternate locks. It is important to practice the locking and unlocking steps, to reduce stress around the use of their lock. The below video tutorial may assist in developing confidence using the lock.

Organising Lockers

While this is not compulsory, students have found it helpful to use Zipped Document Folders for each subject in their locker. These enable students to simply grab the document folder (containing the subject text book, writing book and display folder) and not have to carry as many separate items at a time when moving between lessons. These can be set up at home prior to the first day. Some students prefer different coloured folders, while others prefer the same colour. Labelling the spines of the folder with each subject makes it easy to identify. 

The Year 7 Subjects are: English, Maths, Science, Humanities, Health & Physical Education, Music/Drama, German, Christian Living.

Support during Week 1

Students often come home feeling exhausted and overwhelmed during Week 1. This is completely normal as they are learning many new skills, meeting new people and experiencing many new things. The best way that you can support them is to listen, encourage them, and ensure they have enough rest and sleep. Ask them who they have met, if there are any funny stories from the day, and encourage them to laugh at where things may have gone a little wrong, such as going to the wrong class or forgetting someone’s name. Remind them that this is just a season where things feel big and overwhelming, and in a week or two, school will be much easier. 

Change is often exciting but is not always easy. We want to support families in settling students into the rhythms of Middle School. We have an amazing team of staff and older students who are here to support the Year 7s through these changes.