Exploratory Learning

Exploratory Learning

Exploratory learning through inquiry, collaboration and hands-on experiences.

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Physics Learning Gains Momentum

The Year 12 Physics students recently went on an excursion to the University of South Australia (Mawson Lakes campus).

The visit included several 2-hour workshops, including a practical on Momentum in two dimensions, as well as a tour of the clean room at the South Australian Node of the Australian National Fabrication Facility.

After gowning-up in order to enter the clean room, the students had the opportunity to watch a short demo of photolithography. Following lunch, the students attended another 2-hour workshop, working with the motion of charged particles in electric and magnetic fields. 

Mr Daniel Lee, High School Physics Teacher

Year 1 Learning on a Roll!

This week, the Year 1s enjoyed the delicious experience of baking their own bread.

We were celebrating and consolidating our learning related to our literacy unit based on the fable “The Little Red Hen”. After studying the features of the traditional fable, we moved on to learning about the genre of ‘Procedural’ texts. We considered our version of the recipe The Little Red Hen could have used to bake bread, and compared the differences between the two texts.

We investigated verbs and their use in procedural texts, singling out words like mix, pour, measure, and knead. Then we split into small groups to get some hands-on experience following our recipe. This gave everyone the opportunity to mix the flour, yeast, water, and salt, let the dough rise and then knead it again before baking it in the oven. 

Thank you to our wonderful parent volunteers – we loved our bread-making experience!

Mrs Bronwen Darcy, Year 1 Teacher

Language Week Celebrations

German Week was full of intrigue and clues to solve an intricate Escape Room!

A fictitious Talent Quest saw five bands competing for first place, but one band had been locked in their dressing room! Which band did this, and how could they be released within 40 minutes in time to perform?

All Middle School German students had to compete by solving the clues, enabling them to open the chest and release the “captive band”. Jan Jongleur, Nena Nett-Aberschuldig (translated as “The Crook!”) and several others, kept all the students on their toes! All teams came close to solving the code, but in each case, only one team was successful and received their reward.

The German Language Celebration ended with delicious delectables at lunchtime on Friday. 

Mrs Andrea Field, High School German Teacher