Term 3 Week 7 - 2021

Term 3, Week 7



Acknowledging Dads

The Primary School classes have been busy this week making some creative gifts in readiness for Father’s Day, which are sure to delight many dads this weekend.

While we realise that different circumstances mean different family situations, Father’s Day is always a special time to recognise the many dads who are a part of our Cedar community.

During our recent School Tours, which were held after school, it was pleasing to see so many dads attending, and taking a sincere interest their child’s education. We do appreciate everything that our Cedar dads do, and wish each one a very happy Father’s Day this Sunday!

Around the Campus

This fortnight we learn about Investigations, with our Junior Primary Co-ordinator, take a look at the Primary School ICAS Competitions and Sports News, while in Senior School we hear about the Year 10 Bushwalking Camp.

Mr Peter Thomson, Principal


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Year 7 Service Day
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PS Incursion - Dusty Feet Mob
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Last day of Term 2
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Year 7 Service Day - Fun Run
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Primary School Run4Fun
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Students Return for Term 3
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Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC)
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Developing creativity and imagination through investigation

Worlds Collide

Ignite the SPARK

Primary School students test their skills, creativity

Investigating Science

Interschool Sport

Basketballers tie for win in an exciting finish

Under the Stars

Under the Stars

Three day adventure through the Flinders Ranges

The Front Page

Investigations: A Closer Look

Investigations are an important part of our Reception and Year 1 classrooms at Cedar College.

In Junior Primary we believe students learn best when they are actively involved in learning that is relevant, motivating and builds upon their prior knowledge and understanding.

Investigations play a key part in this as they nurture creativity, collaboration, and imagination, and encourage children to pursue their curiosity through hands-on exploration, questions, and reflection.

Play is a key feature of children’s early lives both at home and in kindergarten prior to starting school. We value where children have come from and our learning environment for play-based investigations helps to support the transition from kindergarten to school.

Exploring and Learning

During investigations, children explore different learning areas such as role-play, maths, block construction, making, reading, sensory experiences, writing, and small world play. Each of these areas connect to the more structured learning that occurs throughout our school day. During this time, children can also make their own choice as to where and what they would like to learn. This encourages independence and taking responsibility for their own learning.

Children love Investigations, and there are also many benefits for teachers. Teachers can use this time to build relationships with children, learn what they are capable of, and observe their skills, strengths, and areas to focus on. This information is valuable in supporting the future learning of each child.

Developing Social Skills

Investigations also provide an ideal platform for developing social skills. We value strong relationships that support a sense of belonging, and we encourage our students to collaborate and to value and respect the thoughts and ideas of others. This, in turn, allows students to feel comfortable and safe in their environment, while being inspired to learn through a broad range of opportunities.

It is wonderful to be able to incorporate these Investigations into the students’ day and to see how much the children enjoy and value them. The positive impact on children’s learning and social and emotional wellbeing has been significant, and has been well worth the effort.

Mrs Sharlene Tirimacco, Junior Primary Co-ordinator

Week 7 News and Notices

Change to Student Free Day – Term 3

Please note that, due to the cancellation of the Royal Adelaide Show, our scheduled Student Free Day on Friday September 10 will now be a normal school day.

Usual Friday classes will take place on this day for all students in R-12.

School Photos – Friday September 3

Our School Photo Day is tomorrow, Friday September 3.

All students are required to wear full winter uniform on this day. Please see the note sent home earlier this week regarding uniform requirements.

Family photos will take place tomorrow in the Sports Centre from 8am until 8:40am. If you have ordered family photos, please ensure that your children make their way to the Sports Centre as soon as they arrive at school. 

Our Sports Photo day has now been moved to Friday September 17 (Week 9).

Summer Uniform

Please take the time over the next few weeks to check your child’s Summer Uniform, in preparation for Term 4.

To help with current capacity restrictions, we are asking parents to create an online booking, available in 15 minute slots, via our website. To book a time slot, please visit our Uniform Shop page.

Uniform items may also be purchased via the Uniform Shop menu in the Qkr! app. Please remember to select a collection method, to ensure that your order is fulfilled correctly.

Father’s Day

CityReach Oakden would like to invite all fathers and their families to our special Father’s Day service on September 5, at 9 or 11am!

Come and celebrate our dads together with music, gifts and a photo booth.

Please note that current restrictions require people attending church services to wear face masks and to check in with the QR code upon arrival.

We hope to see you there!

CityReach Kids Discovery Club

CityReach Kids is excited to announce the launch of its Kids Discovery Club registrations for the coming school holidays!

“I Wonder…”

“I Wonder…” is an exciting school holiday program for kids aged 5-12, where they will discover how they can live their lives for God!

When: Tuesday 28th Sept – Friday 1st Oct, 8:30am – 12:30pm each day

$50 for the first child, and $35 for each additional child. Limited tickets available so get in quick! Register at: cityreach.com.au/oakden/kids

Beam School Holiday Camp

At Beam Camp, soar past the boundaries of everyday life while exploring coding, immersive virtual reality, robotics and drones. At the two or three day Beam Camp Programs kids will have access to a range of cutting edge technology, and will have the opportunity to build skills and make friends.

Beam Camp Programs: Red Planet Rescue drone coding camp, Beyond 2021 VR coding camp, Countdown to Mars robotics camp, and Race Through Time & Space game development camp.

Use the code CEDAR-49 for $49 off ticket prices. Bookings at beamcamp.com.au

Further information on what students can experience at Beam Camp can be accessed through via Cedar Office.

Equilibrium Pilates Studio @ Cedar

Equilibrium means equal balance, which is what we want to help you achieve.

We see movement as nourishing and restorative, and use pilates, functional training, and corrective exercise in every session to help you reach your goals.

Spring Special for new clients: 1 introduction to Pilates session and 2 Pilates equipment classes for $50 (valued at $124) –  See brochure for details.

The Equilibrium Pilates Studio @ Cedar is housed within the Cedar College Sports Centre facility and teaches one-on-one and small group pilates sessions at affordable prices. Visit our website for further information or to book a session.

Dates this Term


Term 3, 2021 – Wed 21 July – Fri 24 Sept

Term 4, 2021 – Tue 12 Oct – Wed 8 Dec

Term 1, 2022 – Tues 1 Feb – Thu 14 April

Term 2, 2022 – Tue 3 May – Fri 1 July

We will continue to have a three week break between Terms 2 and 3


Regular opening hours during term:

Monday 8:30am – 4:30pm

Wednesday 3pm – 5:30pm

Thursday extended opening hours:

TERM 2 – Weeks 1 – 4, 3pm – 5.30pm

TERM 4 – Weeks 1 – 3, 3pm – 5.30pm


Our Assemblies and Chapels are held on Fridays at 8:50am. 

Chapels and Assemblies are currently not able to be attended by parents, due to restrictions.

Should guidelines for large gatherings change, parents/caregivers will be informed.

Primary School News

Igniting the SPARK

A number of students in the Primary School have been involved in this year’s International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) skills-based assessment, through our Primary School SPARK program.

The ICAS Competitions are online assessments in the areas of Digital Technologies, Writing, English, Science, Spelling and Mathematics, conducted in over 20 countries by the University New South Wales.

Students who undertake ICAS tests are ranked based on their percentile in each year level across every participating state (Australia) and country. The Primary School has been excited to have had students achieve High Distinctions in some ICAS competitions last year, meaning their result placed them in the top 1% of students across Australia.

Creative Arts

The Primary School SPARK program also entered Primary School students in the 2021 Adelaide Royal Show Art Prize competition. Unfortunately, the recent cancellation of the Royal Show has meant that entries will not be judged. In lieu of this, our entries are currently on display in the Resource Centre for students to enjoy.

Student Achievement

We have recently received news of the following student achievements, and would like to congratulate each one on their efforts:

Run4Fun Award

Jude, in Reception, received a special award for raising the most amount at the Primary School Run4Fun, raising $250 towards our Primary School play areas.

State Open Water Swimming

Piper, Year 6 recently competed in the Northern Territory State Open Water Championships, finishing 3rd in the Open Girls 2500m

Figure Skating

Imogen, in Year 3, was selected to perform at the Winter Village Wonderland in the City. Imogen, who trains several times a week, wowed the crowd with 9 figure skating performances over several weekends.

Sports News

Interschool Basketball

In Week 4, students from Year 3-6 participated in the SACSA Basketball Carnival for 2021.

After being unable able to attend in 2020, the students were relieved that the Basketball Carnival was able to go ahead this year, although unfortunately our parents weren’t able to attend.

This year, the Primary decided to have a basketball focus, with students training from Term 2 in preparation for the carnival. Our students put in an amazing effort in the lead up to the event, with teams dedicated to training and improving.

Exciting Finish

Highlights from the carnivals were: The Year 3/4 girls’ Cedar Gold, under the excellent coaching of Andrew Williams, finished equal first with Mr Bloomfield’s team from Emmaus; the Year 5/6 Cedar Gold boys coming runners-up in the grand final under the fantastic coaching of Mr White; and the 5/6 Cedar Gold girls finishing third after only narrowly missing out in a spot in the final by one point.

A huge thank you to Mel Grantham who trained and coached the Year 5/6 Cedar Silver Boys. They did an outstanding job considering their team was all Year 5s. I was so incredibly proud of eveyone’s efforts on the day.

Thank you also to coaches Mrs Webster and Mr Rowe, and those who helped with scoring on the day, and those who cheered on from home!

Well done Cedar on some amazing results!

Mrs Bek Robinson, Primary School Interschool Sport Coordinator

Senior School News

Camping Under the Stars

The Year 10 Bushwalking Camp is an unforgettable three-days in the Flinders Ranges. We asked some of the students to share their experiences of the camp.

Year 10 camp was by far the most exciting, adventurous, and memorable experience I’ve ever had.

Each day held new opportunities for me and my classmates to learn about the extraordinary Flinders Ranges. I personally loved every second of the trip, including the breathtaking scenic routes, luscious greenery, and unforgettable starry and lively nights. Although there were moments when my friends and I were exhausted and felt like giving up, we managed to pull though with determination, and encouragement from our peers. Overall, it was a wonderful opportunity for me, and many others, to step outside our comfort zones, face challenges, strengthen friendships, and experience personal development. I am very grateful to have been part of such a life-changing bushwalk.

Dwisha, Year 10


Our bushwalking camp to the Flinders Ranges was an unforgettable experience and was a journey that I truly appreciated being a part of.

After arriving on the first day, we trekked through a beautiful scenic route in Wilpena Pound, which ended by reflecting on our day while gazing up at the stars in the dark sky. The next day we were able to push past our limits and, in return, were rewarded with several beautiful views of the mountains in the distance. Finally reaching the bottom of the mountain, after having gone through so many twists and turns, left me feeling a great sense of accomplishment. The satisfaction of completing the bushwalking left us all reminiscing about our journey on the bus ride back to school. Personally, I could not have imagined a better experience. I feel truly blessed to be a part of the Year 10 bushwalking camp and am grateful for the relationships that I was able to strengthen with others during the camp.

Glory, Year 10