Getting Ready for Nature Play

Getting Ready for Nature Play

The opening of the Junior Primary Nature Play area

Getting Ready for Nature Play

- CedarNews Term 2, Week 6

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Today we celebrated the official opening of our wonderful Junior Primary Nature Play area. During the Primary School Assembly, the Reception classes welcomed and thanked Jason Tyndall from Nature Play SA who shared with us today about the benefits of Nature Play and has helped us with the planning of our nature play space.

We also thanked Lou George who has been wonderfully instrumental in the construction of the area along with Mr Bruce Marshall, Mr Peter Gardner, Mr Bill Carthew, and Mr Eddie Glowacz.

Mr Bill Forrest gave generously of his time and Mechanical Vegetation Solutions have been super-helpful in donating most of the logs for the area. Thank you again to all of our wonderful families who came to our working bee or donated plants and other wonderful play items for the area.

The Volkoffs deserve a big thank you for supplying all of the giant rocks, which they donated especially for the Nature Play area. Finally, a huge than you to Mrs Tirimacco and the Nature Play Committee who have spent many hours of planning and contacting people for donations.

The Junior Primary classes have been deciding about what rules will keep us safe as we play and learn, and students have been given “Nature Play Licences” and agreements for each class to sign. It is wonderful to see what we do when we pull together as a community for the good of our school and our children.